A Fire Island Pines house party is always a coveted invitation and the stuff that legends are made. What Island queen was not at “the” Calvin Klein pool party?  So to our great delight a random house guest procured an invitation to one of these soirees on Saturday. The party was by invitation only and of course one Fire Island invitation equals the entire house- so in our case it was eight people! So it was with great anticipation and not without a little anxiety over outfits and sunglasses that the housemates and I treked to said multi million dollar home on Ocean Walk. As we got closer we could hear the high laughter and feel the beat of the bass which racheted up our fun factor. After getting through the door- yes there was a big doorman- we entered a virtual sea of hot, shirtless guys and random girls in skimpy bikini tops and sarongs. It is obvious this house was designed by an architect with a flair for the stage because every spot of the deck was a virtual runway and no shortage of guys using it to full advantage. The pool was appropriately stocked with Latino guys in Brazilian swimsuits for everyone’s viewing pleasure and the legendary DJ was safely ensconsed on the upper balcony. Facing this overload of skin we needed liquid courage and fast! Spirits of the frozen variety generally end badly for me and noting they were the only type being offerred I proceeded to head to the upper reaches of the house where I had spotted friends drinking something that resembled a Martini. Who knew the house was VIP only and off limits to us group invitation people? Well the doorman for one, the bartender for another and my friends who kindly offered to hand me a non frozen cocktail ACROSS the railing! Feeling particularly lowly I skulked off to a corner of the deck facing the ocean. Looking at the beach I noticed a large crowd of guys hanging out and watching the party with obvious envy. That was the moment that made me feel both wretched for taking all of this for granted and realizing just how DAMN lucky my life is to be hanging out with fantastic friends, surrounded by handsome guys, at a gorgeous home on Fire Island in one of the most beautiful places in the world – and to top it all off-FREE DRINKS!