It’s white cinder block walls and a jalousie window that greet my eyes and it’s the rattling of dishes and silverware mixed with laugher that assault my ears when I first wake up on Sunday morning- or is it early afternoon. It takes several minutes of lying very still and thinking to realize I have somehow landed in the Cielo Hotel- or Botel as it is known.  Amazingly in 10 years of coming to Fire Island Pines I have never been inside a room here. And a stark room it is- white on white with only a bed and two nightstands for amenities as well as a closet with no door. The sharp contrast to all of this white is a muscular dark skinned man whose arm hugs me while he is lightly snoring in my ear.

Last night started innocently enough. A burger barbeque with the housemates and a few random guests- of course fueled with frozen Margaritas, Wine and Vodka Tonics – not necessarily in that order. That is how we ended up at Porsche with DJ Chuck and her premier show at Glo Lounge where in the spirit of the heat and humidity she promptly removed her wig mid way through the show and proceeded to turn out one of her best performances ever- and let’s be clear- I have been following her for six years. Her rendition of Hairspray’s “You can’t stop the beat” with live covers of Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Cher, Eartha Kitt and most notably Janis Joplin brought the house down. Two G&Ts later- expertly mixed by bartender Mario- and we were all on the dance floor while she sang “Aquarius” and “Let the Sun Shine In,” from Hair.

Later at Sip n Twirl I danced to “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night”  not having any real clue how good it would turn out with the dark stranger who this morning I now find nuzzling my ear!