Underwear Party @ Ice Palace

Underwear July 10th 2009

Well This past Friday seemed like an Underwear blow-out. Ummm maybe not a good way to describe it.

The Underwear season kicked off with none other than a Marching Band! yup that’s rite an actual parade marching band, including trumpets, drums and costumes.
The Marching band idea came from the minds of The Ice Palace in Cherry grove, led by the proclaimed “PANTY CHRIST” Daniel Nardicio.

Daniel Nardicio is the original creator of the Fire Island Underwear party in cherry Grove. Many of us remember going to Tides on Fridays to dance around in out tighty whiteys.
Well Nardicio was invited last season by the Marketing/Promotions director Tony @ The Ice Palace, to bring all the fun and shenanigans to the palace. I am sure everyone remember last years huge
night when Lady Gaga took the stage for her very first live appearance. Yup The Ice Palace can say “She started here” and it was at Nardicio’s underwear party. Marketing/Promotions director Tony says ” I love working with Daniel, we both have the same demented sense of humor and its nice working with someone you can genuinely call a friend”

We all decided to water taxi it over to the grove and to our happiness it was a great decision, the place was packed! We Love the Ice Palace and especially when its busy.
I think the main reason we enjoy it, is due to its lack of pretentiousness. Its the type of place where you can be happy knowing your not perfect or pretending to be.
we were delighted to see Dj Aaron Elvis spinning and he was totally on point with his music. There were so many hot guys in fab underwear some provided by freshpair.com. one of the highlights was show host Bianca Delrio (sadly she was “let go” by pines management) We LOVE HER ! We make it a point to visit her when ever we are in New Orleans. So Bianca gave everyone her famed F*ck you attitude and was slightly tight lipped about her departure from the Pines operation. “He can kiss my ass” referring to former pines boss is all she felt like saying. So Bianca got a ton of HOT bois on stage for what was probably her most insane hot underwear contest we have ever seen her host. On a side note, we were thrilled that drink prices were very reasonable $8 Absolut Mango and seven up. We didn’t realize how expensive pines partying becomes @ $10+ bucks a drink at low & high tea. So we got to meet some hot porn stars and we even got an upclose demonstration of this new electric fleshjack thing..YUMMY. We really enjoyed ourselves, and from the looks of the place everyone else did too.
We decided to check out the Pavilion Underwear party on the way back, When we go to the door there was a $20 cover charge which kind of soured some of my tag-alongs, being the FireFlyBoi that I am I handed over the bucks and walked in. Ok now I feel really bad about being a bitch but REALLY? do we all need to get strep throat and pneumonia? I am wearing a tiny pair of Versace briefs and its still over 150 degrees in the place. Luckily I was able to do an exit stage left and chill by the back door. The party was packed and yes the bois were hot, actually sweaty was more like it. This underwear party is Very different than the one in the grove. This is more like being at roxy in your underwear, whereas the grove is about the hint of sexuality and provocative fun that many of us city bois love. I think each event can survive without doling out a competitive edge, because they are 2 completely different blueprints of a party. So @ 4am I sauntered home and passed the heck out, I still have 2 more days of fun ahead of me.