It’s 10 AM on Sunday morning  in Fire Island Pines and it’s so empty that you could fire a cannon off in the harbor and no one would notice. The share house is particularly quiet and with good reason considering the housemates and I knocked back endless Planters Punches at Low, Middle and High Tea before staggering home so we could burn the chicken on the grill while we consumed more alcohol and made plans to hit Sip n Twirl after midnight. So this morning the only people milling around the house are a couple of us dog owners whose mutts insist upon a morning walk and a housemate’s “guest” from the night before who is in search of his T-shirt. (Said housemate is no where to be seen.) As I try to keep a firm grasp on measuring coffee and the “guest” probes the sofa cushions for the missing item I try to make him comfortable with general weather comments which is proving to be a challenge before coffee. However, I do notice that he’s young, 20ish, Latino and has a tattoo of an angel on the nape of his neck. When I inquire about the tattoo he tells me that his name is Angel and this weekend is his first weekend on Fire Island. He then proceeds to burst into tears, which I can promise you is quite difficult to comprehend without coffee, and then tells me that he came to the island  yesterday with his boy friend. After too much sun (and likely too many Coronas) a huge argument ensued that culminated with the boyfriend returning to the city. Exhibiting the proper amount of “I’ll show him” attitude he downed a few more Coronas, ended up dancing on a speaker at the Pavilion and now he is sitting in my kitchen crying with his head on the table. As anybody who grew up Southern would do in the same situation, I pour him coffee with just a touch of Jack Daniel’s and a bit more for myself to steady my nerves, give him a warm hug and take him out to the boardwalk with the dog. I have no idea what to do with him but decide to just let him talk and the warm breeze and bourbon do the rest.  We end up at the Pines Pantry and in the Meat Market- his tears have subsided but have been replaced with a strong hunger so an Egg and Bacon sandwich is in order. As we stand in the very long line- so this is where everyone is hiding- Jimmy Buffet starts playing on the CD player and as if on cue all of the employees slicing meat and frying bacon stop and start singing ” Let’s get Drunk and Screw”. Of course this being Fire Island there are more than a few show girls in the line who join in as well until finally the entire Meat Market is singing in unison. When the song ends and the clapping begins our now happy little Angel yells “One More Time” and someone hits play and we are all off again.