Sunday morning in Fire Island Pines was a scorcher. The ceiling fans in the share house pushed the heat around as we fretted over Board Shorts clashing with Nike high top sneakers and searched bedrooms for missing designer sunglasses. Spirits were high and not just because of the Bloody Marys which constituted our breakfast as we prepared to descend upon the annual Ascension Party on the Beach. The Ascension Party which runs from noon to 6 PM benefits the Fund in the Sun program which turns over a portion of the proceeds to various charities in New York City and Long Island.

An hour later than our intended departure the housemates, various friends and I made the beach front trek to the Great Pyramid that comprised the entrance to this year’s party. DJ Tony Moran was jumping around the DJ booth while he had had the shirtless crowd on the dance floor dancing with their hands in the air in the hot mid-day sun. Surrounding the dance floor were various VIP cabanas that belonged to individuals and local businesses where free Absolut Vodka was flowing beneath welcome shade. In this case, knowing the “right” people (a well known DJ) did come in handy as a friend and I scored VIP wristbands to one of the cabanas before we died of heat exhaustion not to mention alcohol withdrawal.

It was somewhere along the second Absolut Ruby Red and Tonic where I found myself in a conversation with a 6 foot dark haired Italian guy with a lightly trimmed chest and light brown eyes that you could fall into. This 30 something TV producer was accompanied by an equally as handsome toned African American friend and with the chemistry and ease they had together I surmised they were boyfriends. But before I could find out my friend dragged me off to the dance floor where the crowd was pressing towards the front of the stage in anticipation of Kelly Rowland’s much anticipated appearance.

The heat on the dance floor was at least 10 degrees hotter than the outside air- and that was at least in the 90’s but that circuit party primal sense of bonding came over us as we danced to Tony’s mixes chest to chest dripping in sweat as our designer glasses slid from our noses. Suddenly my straw hat was yanked off my head and when I turned there was the Italian guy from the cabana with a huge smile on his face. “You left without this” he said, and proceeded to give me a hard, wet kiss in the middle of the dance floor.

And when I came up for air, Kelly was singing “When Love Takes Over” on the stage and my Italian guy hugged me tight. I Yes, it does take over just when you need it the most!