Even though I was born in them, I’m not a huge fan of the eighties. Thundercats, neon leg warmers, and Prince never did much for me growing up, and they do even less for me now. Even going to the NYC nightclub Pyramid for my friends’ birthdays on the club’s infamous 80’s nights was more of a chore to me than anything else. So, when I heard that Jumpin’ Jack’s Seafood Shack in Cherry Grove was going to start an 80’s-themed Thursday night party, I was a little less than thrilled, and was hoping they’d change it to 70’s instead (How can one not love disco music? And by disco, I don’t mean that crap that’s played at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, like “Night Fever” and “Celebrate,” but hardcore, Carol Douglas, Stylistics, Evelyn Champagne King, Philly Ear Kandy, “Native New Yorker” disco…)

But I digress…I figured I’d check the “Love Shack” 80’s party out, though, as it was being hosted by my new friends Anthony (the manager of Jumpin’ Jack’s), and some of the other boys of the Seafood Shack.

I got there with a few friends at around midnight or so, and the party was pleasantly populated; the music was a great mix of popular dance hits like “How Will I Know?” by Whiteny Houston, and of course, the occasional tribute to the late Michael Jackson, spun by DJ Jon Jon Battles.

The evening had a very cool vibe – lots of cute boys from the Grove and the Pines (if there were any you wanted to get close with but wasn’t sure how to, you could have asked if they wanted to play a round of “Twister;” the game was set up on the back deck of the restaurant, overlooking the ocean).

Delicious Jell-o shots were the special of the night, and a special drag performance by a certain talented Jumpin’ Jack’s bartender was a highlight of the evening, when he, as “Nipples Delight,” performed a sexy cover song to Madonna, who herself used to visit Fire Island years ago.

The “Love Shack” party is a great one, and I’d highly recommend donning your slap-on bracelet and checking this weekly party out.