Party Time!

Party Time!

Starting on Friday afternoon and running through the last ferry at Midnight the crowds pour into the Pines and Cherry Grove on Fire Island.  Leaving their chaotic jobs in finance, fashion or floral arranging and the sweaty masses of New York City these brave weekend warriors have either run the marathon of Penn Station and conquered the Hamptons bound hordes on the LIRR Montauk Line for a seat or tested their endurance and nerves with a three hour car trip on the gridlocked LIE.

Their victory is the anticipation of the weekend as they disembark from the ferry toting designer lap dogs, Costco bundles of Charmin, three matching Louis Vuitton bags and a rollaway, plastic Stop n Shop bags bulging with raw chicken and disheveled bundles of flowers for the dining room table.

On a recent Friday evening while catching up with the housemates and three Kettle One Martinis at Sip n Twirl – we were distracted by a handsome Asian guy who was a friend of one of the housemates. After settling in with our group and enjoying a martini he invited us to a house party. Being a disgruntled lot and into their third martinis the rest of the housemates declined, but one of my housemates and I, because we were into our third martini, joined him. The Asian guy turned out to work in fashion- which would likely explain the D-Square T-shirt and Hermes belt and he was not just inviting us to one party but two more were on the agenda and a well known fashion designer was promised to be in attendance. So with our interest peaked and high energy levels, no doubt from the martinis, we arrived at the first party.

This catered affair with shrimp on ice and an actual bartender serving Grey Goose Vodka was a birthday party for the host. It was at a beautiful original home on the Bay and filled with an eclectic mix of Island locals and summer party boys. After a few awkward well wishes I descended upon the bar for some liquid encouragement as well as to meet the handsome older gentlemen also standing there.  He worked in fashion and it turned out we had mutual friends in common. Barely into my second Vodka Tonic my new Asian friend arrived breathlessly and announced we had to leave this very second for the next party- as if it would blast to the moon if we did not immediately appear. My motto is “never leave fun to find fun” and in this case it was free flowing vodka and an intriguing man. However, I was outvoted and promptly whisked to the second party. My first clue that this may be less than stellar was the fact that we needed to stop by the house to pick up some beer. And, as the host “popped” the top off my Heineken on the metal staircase railing, and the crowd of excited 20 something year olds screamed as Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” bounced from the Ipod I realized my intuitions were correct. When I emerged from the bathroom and they were dancing on the sofa I decided to make a hasty exit.

As I dove through the crowd for the front door imagine my delight when I reached it the same time as my older gentlemen from Party One. Looking relieved he grabbed my hand,  pushed me through the open door and yelled “Run!” And that we did, all the way back to the well known fashion designer’s home on the Ocean.