Ice Palace Underwear Party

Raunch. Raunch. Raunch. And everyone loved it.

Kudos to Daniel Nardicio for having those little “$5 off” coupons stuffed into the “Just Us Boys” porn guides that were being handed out at the ferry terminal on the mainland on Friday afternoon; it brought the admission fee to the Ice Palace Underwear Party that he hosts on Friday nights down to $5, and helped pack a young, hot crowd in there for the evening (and straight through till the wee hours of the morning…)

It was a wild night, with some of our favorite professional (and amateur!) porn stars dancing on and around the bar, great music, and delicious drinks. The party was sponsored by three different entities:, (the first 75 people to enter got cute pairs of underwear!), and the Real Touch sex toy (which one could try out in a private little booth off the side of the dance floor). The Real Touch is a new “4-D” porn toy that simulates on your—member—exactly what is happening on the screen of the porno you’re watching while you wear it. Rosie the Robot, watch out: there some stiff robot competition coming your way (even though every cartoon-watcher knows you’re a lesbian, anyway…)

Around 1am, though, the highlight of the evening—I daresay, possibly the highlight of the entire summer—Sister Narcissus (I am not sure if that’s how you spell it) stepped onto the stage of the Ice Palace. A tall, thin creature, buck-naked from head to toe except for a wildly large Afro wig and a mask, Sister Narcissus pulsed her hips with her back to the audience before turning around to reveal a small tuft of hair between her legs. In time with the music, she pulled off her face mask to reveal a smaller mask just beneath it; then, she reached into the tuft of hair, and pulled out a piece of fabric, which turned out to be a shirt, from inside her. Now, my order may be a little hazy, but the way I remember it is that next came a skirt, then shoes from inside her afro, followed by a scarf or some extremely long piece of fabric pulled out of her backside (if Sister Narcissus’ popularity explodes, I’m going to buy stock in Fleet Enemas), and then a purse, again from inside the afro. She was a living, breathing “‘Mary Poppins’ carpet bag,” pulling 2-foot long surprises from holes I barely knew existed. A stunned audience erupted in cheers as the now-fully-clothed Sister Narcissus exited the stage. Brava to whoever discovered the likes of her. I think Disney should make a musical about her.

As you can tell from all of the details, this party has the nitty-gritty “permission to be wild” that the Pines Underwear Party lacks. If you want to go the low route, I’d highly recommend paying a visit!