There was a time in the not so distant past when 7AM in Fire Island Pines would have found me with glazed eyes and covered in sweat stumbling home from the Pavillion in my jeans and sneakers and no clue where my Tshirt was last spotted.  But alas, time does change and nothing does that faster than a “gay child”. In my case a stubborn Cocker Spaniel who feels he is entitled to a 7AM walk regardless of what shame I inflicted upon myself the night before. So now I sit at Bay Bar on Saturday and Sunday mornings flirting with the cute baristas who sometimes appear amazingly more hung over than me and drink Grande Starbucks. Alone though? Never. This time of day you will see dozens of sleep deprived dog walkers sipping their Iced Coffees while their designer French Bull Dogs, Min Pins, Labradoodles, and Katrina rescued mutts tug at their Burberry leashes along side truly hung over boys who day tripped yesterday and then thought it a great idea to skip that Midnight ferry and just keep partying. On these mornings the harbor is sparkling and blessedly quiet, the boats are rocking in the waves, sexy runners wearing only skimpy gym shorts and Ipods jog on the boardwalk and you are reminded that this is the “real” part of Fire Island, far from the Tea's, house parties and dancing until dawn and what really matters. Of course, knowing that you spent most of the night making out with a hot guy from Tea does make it better!