Well 4th of July weekend was welcomed this year with very open and mite I add dry arms.

The weather was a fabulous welcome to what seems like a long overdue weekend vacation.

I enjoyed my usual drive to the ferry, with my top down and did the usually stop @ Costco.  I was very excited to see the huge lines at the ferry.  Once on the island I did my usual lap around to see who was home and who had guests.  We all agreed to go to Low [email protected] 7pm.  Low Tea was Very packed and featured KRASH dj Super Dave.  We really enjoyed his set, but it seemed more like a welcoming party than tea.  Next we ventured off to a special version of Middle tea (normally Saturdays) with Dj Vito Fun.  We had so much fun that we hardly were able to catch a glimpse of High Tea.  Vito played all our favorites and even threw in a few of his own. The Pavilion was packed wall to wall which is usual only for their middle teas.  So we all danced like school girls for hours it seemed to fly rite by.   We managed to catch a little bit of High Tea, which has as of lately become not so much fun, its to packed and cant boi cruise from the front to the back.   Regardless the vibe was good and even the ashtray smell walking in didnt bother my hypochondriac friend john as much. We enjoyed  Dj Kevin Graves High tea upbeat flavor. I was stuck in a corner but still managed to dance my butt around some sizzling chelsea boi.  I met many of my city friends who also decided to take advantage of mother natures gift.  After Tea we were invited to Mr. so and so’s house (name held cause she’s a big drama queen about her name) Regardless dinner was a mess because everyone of us were to drunk and exausted from dancing like an episode of high school musical. Mr. so and so usually is well put together about his dinner parties, but gurl let me tell you he just was not having  a steak that was harder than his Prada sport shoes.  I thought it was much better that we moved on to doing shots of Southern comfort and skipped past the shoe leather steaks.  I decided to take a quick dip in the pool, with my new found chelsea boi dance partner from high tea and then go take a little disco nap before heading out to visit all the underwear party’s on the island.  Sadly I never got my lil disco nap, and my new found chelsea boi dance partner was not so lil either …..