The celebrations on July fourth in Fire Island Pines are not for the faint of heart. With extremely high hopes and great anticipation, throngs of guys and girls descend upon the Island not only for the Day’s debauchery, i.e.: The Invasion, but also for the entire mayhem of the weekend’s endless benefit parties and Hit DJs at the Pavilion. This is not the island of backyard barbeques with checkered table cloths, folding lawn chairs and your Aunt Velma’s questionable potato salad with mayonnaise in the sun. No, this is July Fourth Weekend where every share house is bursting with pumped, hot guys in Speedos and board shorts, drag queens in high wigs and even higher shoes flaunting their wares for that free drink at Sip N Twirl and  hot- as in sweaty- Long Island day trippers drinking Planters Punch in the sun.

A long standing tradition in our Share House is the annual Dance on the Bay produced by the Fund in the Sun and largely benefits the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City. This dance is traditionally held at a spectacular home overlooking the Great South Bay where a dance floor is constructed that extends onto the Bay. A word to the wise though to stay clear of the side of the dance floor as Rogue Waves from the bay tend to swamp you if you happen to find yourself making out with someone at the railing. After a day of dancing and sweating at the Invasion the housemates and I pulled ourselves together with a few Red Bull and Vodka’s, our tightest tank tops and Canal Street sunglasses and hit the party. The sun was high and DJ Joe Gauthreaux was rolling the music as we made our way across the wet dance floor to take in the spectacular view of the bay. As with any circuit type party arriving early is akin to being at a fraternity mixer where you can admire your friends tank tops and beach jewelry and more importantly scope out the men in broad daylight where you can get a good look at them.

Feeling the need for more social lubrication and expecting a long night I was ordering yet another Red Bull Vodka and throwing myself upon the cute volunteer bartender when the guy in line behind me said “make it two” and dropped a five dollar tip in the bowl. After a few words on the DJ and my smile I found myself with drink in hand standing by the railing of the dance floor (see above Rogue Wave comments) with a hot Puerto Rican dentist and totally immersed in his brown eyes and brown goatee. And again (see above Rogue Wave comments) I found myself watching the spectacular sunset across the bay on the dock of the house next door in wet cargo shorts, barefoot and shirtless while being held by the strong, hairy arms of the dentist. And to think that the real Fireworks were still hours away!