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New York’s best kept secret and one of America’s first predominately gay resort towns awaits your arrival, with its pristine sand dune beaches, dazzling nightlife, fine dining, and striking scenery that will take your breath away.

Cherry Grove, along with the neighboring town Fire Island Pines, is one of the hottest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender travel destinations.

Cherry Grove and  Fire Island Pines boast an amazing variety of activities, whether you are searching for sheer relaxation, fun, or adventure, these two amazing communities have something for everyone. For nearly a hundred years, this natural sandbar has been the location of the oldest gay and lesbian community in America. No matter what your interests are, from enjoying a quiet and tranquil day at the beach to partying nonstop, Cherry Grove and the Pines offer fun, entertainment, and a beautiful natural setting combined with an affirming atmosphere to all members of sexual minorities.

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