Pride for the First Time

Sunday was the perfect beach day on Fire Island and usually nothing short of a hurricane forces the housemates and I to abandon the Pines. Well unless it is New York City Pride!  So it was that we donned our muscle tank tops, appropriate Pride jewelry, liberal sunscreen, not forgetting the designer sunglasses and caught an early ferry to […]

Don’t rain on my parade!

Saturday afternoon in Fire Island Pines finds three of the housemates in various states of stupor watching a gardening documentary as the pool outside overflows from the torrential rains that have made this one wet summer on the Island. All six of the other house mates progressively bailed out of the weekend and even now one of us is […]

July Fourth Invasion

It’s getting hot, and I know that my summer in Fire Island really isn’t complete unless I’ve done it. As the temperature outside rises, I think about it more and more, until it consumes most of my day. I choose a sexy outfit to work to my advantage, knowing full well it won’t stay on […]

The Meat Market

It’s 10 AM on Sunday morning  in Fire Island Pines and it’s so empty that you could fire a cannon off in the harbor and no one would notice. The share house is particularly quiet and with good reason considering the housemates and I knocked back endless Planters Punches at Low, Middle and High Tea before staggering home […]

We’re not on the LIST?

A Fire Island Pines house party is always a coveted invitation and the stuff that legends are made. What Island queen was not at “the” Calvin Klein pool party?  So to our great delight a random house guest procured an invitation to one of these soirees on Saturday. The party was by invitation only and of course […]