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Cherry Grove Hotels:

Belvedere Guest House For Men
Fire Island’s premier accommodation, located on the bay front at Cherry Grove, near Fire Island Pines, a few minutes from one of the world’s best beaches.
It is in the style of a Venetian Palace, with terraces, towers, domes, statuary, antiques and fountains. A roof-top terrace and bay front deck affords spectacular views of the Great South Bay, the ocean, and towns; sunsets are magnificent. We have other sun decks, swimming pool, hot tub, a gym, high speed wireless Internet connection, and a television room. We supply ice, coffee, and refrigerators. We serve a complimentary Continental breakfast on Sundays.

Low Season:
Luxury Rooms – Starting at $150/night
Basic Rooms – Starting at $60/night
High Season
Luxury Rooms- Starting at $225/night
Basic Rooms- Starting at $125/night

A minimum two night stay on weekends is required. Rates quoted are single or double occupancy. Extra persons are $50 per person per night.

Phone: 631-597-6448
Email: [email protected]

The Grove Hotel

Are you looking to be right next to the party? This place is steps away from the Ice Palace and the hotel is certainly convenient to downtown. However, be aware that this is no Hilton, , be prepared for tidy cinder block dormitory style rooms and bedsheets that are changed only upon request. Nice sized pool is a plus.Grove Hotel The Grove Hotel, Fire Island’s largest hotel located in Cherry Grove and home of the world famous Miss Fire Island contest! Only steps away are the beach, restaurants, shops, dance clubs and bars, catering to your every whim.

ECONOMY ROOMS – $40 to $400 daily
DOUBLE ROOMS – $60 to $450 daily
DELUXE ROOMS – $80 to $500 daily
HONEYMOON SUITE – $80 to $500 daily
HANDICAPPED ROOM – $60 to $450 daily

Phone: 631-597-6600
Email: [email protected]

Dune Point
Phone: 631-597-6261

Holly House
Can you say Summer camp? Yup that’s Holly’s. This is roughing it for cherry grove standards. It is relatively cheap and if if you are going to be on the beach and parting all night what does it matter where you stay. Phone: 631-597-6911

Horizon Beach Apartments
Phone: 631-597-6278

Fire Island Pines Hotels:

Hotel Ciel (Pines Botel)
hotel ciel is the only hotel in the fire island pines harbor. stay where the action is. located in the central hub of the pines, you will be just steps away from restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping, and, of course, the beach! balconies have beautiful harbor views and a cool bay breeze.
Phone: 631-597-6500

Pines Bluff Overlook
Short-term Shares available in various packages. All rooms are recently renovated, have private baths, air-conditioning, TV/DVD, bar refrigerators, and private access to the outside deck.
Phone: 631-597-3064

The Madison Fire Island Pines
Phone: 631-597-6061

9 Responses


The GROVE HOTEL recently (last year) was sold to new owners and they have some nerve. They actually raised their room rates to a whooping $ 370.00 on Saturday in Summer. $ 370.00 for one tiny,filthy room with no A/C,TV or room service. I do realize it is a beach hotel-no frills. However,this year there is not even an ice machine outside for guests and do not even give you a coupon or two for free drinks at the bar. Imagine ?


I hear you loud and clear Marco Antonio.I stayed there for the first time last weekend with my lesbian lover Konstance and we paid the going rate for one night and the place was dead.Gone are the days of non-stop partying and dancing in the ICE PALACE.That was back in the 90′s…now,the club is esentially very quiet.People do not want to pay these crazy rates and get nothing for their cash.No one came to clean our room after the first night and we found a huge,used dildo in the nightstand draw…no one bothered to open it and clean it out !It was gross and kinky at the same time !


Is there any place just for lesbians to stay? Or for all Gay people in particular? because gay men have the Belvedere Guest House, and I saw nothing else on here that suggested there is any other place of the sort for gay women. my Girlfriend and I being lesbians were planning on taking a vacation there, and we would like to feel just as comfortable.


And for this reason I have chosen NOT to go to Fire Island/Cherry Grove – one of the biggest ripoffs in the world.

Only way you can enjoy is stay with friends who forked over thousands to stay at a decent house for a few weekends.

I think I’ll try Asbury Park


The Grove Hotel is trully filthy and everyone that goes there is filthy and the people that run it are just as filthy. Thats too bad, cuz Cherry Grove can easily beat the pines if they want to. But you can’t charge Pines prices until you do.
For now am staying at the pines.


Your Comments
For lesbians, I think you’ll enjoy Dune Point in The Grove.

Good Luck.


Your Comments I have to assume that the folks commenting about the Grove Hotel didn’t stay there just a few years ago. They hadn’t changed the mattresses since the place was built; there was no TV; & their idea of refurbishing was throwing a coat of paint on the place every 5 years. All of the rooms now have AC; TV; & new mattresses. You pay the prices charged because Cherry Grove is small & there aren’t many options. Either rent out a house for the season or choose one of the limit number ofplaces to stay.


I stayed at the Grove hotel for their halloween exatravagenza october 2011 and the room was not worth the money. I was looking into staying for memorial day weekend this summer and I know it’s a holiday weekend but for the shitty tiny room they give you and make you stay minimum of two nights it’s $900 for Saturday-Monday and that’s their lowest priced room. I hunk its disgusting the price for this shitty hotel and unless the pricing goes dOwn I will never stay there again. Not worth the money what so ever


The Grove Hotel burnt to the ground last March-2015 and has not been rebuilt. This beach hotel was built in the early 1970s and was in disrepair. Do not look for value or amenities here ! All you got was a tiny room with 2 pull out beds, a small bathroom, overhead ceiling fan and two towels. Those were the economy rooms and costed upwards of $300. per night on weekends in summer. The “luxury” rooms were the same size, had a tiny kitchen-area with microwave and wet-bar; (unstocked), WiFi, A/C and free telephone service. On holiday weekends in season, these rooms are over $ 1.000 for the 3-day weekend. Price wise and for what you get, it was outrageous !

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