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Gay Fire Island

Gay Fire Island Is Fire Island a gay beach resort? This is a question we get often, and the answer is no. As our friends at point out: “This is one of the most commonly asked questions and the greatest misconception about Fire Island. As seen on the Fire Island map, there are 17 [...]

Fire Island Pines – Miley Cyrus Knock-Off Video

David Fudge, a 27-year-old marketing executive at Esquire created a video, titled “Party in the Fire Island Pines.” Placed it on and in just one month has had over 2,141,577 view.  The  Music Video is a knock-off of  Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” and people are loving it, even little miss Cyrus made [...]

The Hot Ascension Party!

Sunday morning in Fire Island Pines was a scorcher. The ceiling fans in the share house pushed the heat around as we fretted over Board Shorts clashing with Nike high top sneakers and searched bedrooms for missing designer sunglasses. Spirits were high and not just because of the Bloody Marys which constituted our breakfast as we prepared to descend upon the annual [...]

Spending the night with Porsche on Fire Island!

It’s white cinder block walls and a jalousie window that greet my eyes and it’s the rattling of dishes and silverware mixed with laugher that assault my ears when I first wake up on Sunday morning- or is it early afternoon. It takes several minutes of lying very still and thinking to realize I have somehow [...]

Ice Palace Underwear Party

Ice Palace Underwear Party Raunch. Raunch. Raunch. And everyone loved it. Kudos to Daniel Nardicio for having those little “$5 off” coupons stuffed into the “Just Us Boys” porn guides that were being handed out at the ferry terminal on the mainland on Friday afternoon; it brought the admission fee to the Ice Palace Underwear [...]

Is it too hot to wear this wig?

It’s Sunday afternoon in Fire Island Pines -the morning was rainy but now the sun is hot and a stiff breeze from the ocean makes the beach a bust for today. After two days together and countless Absolut concoctions all of the housemates are getting a bit testy with each other – and nobody needs [...]

The New site is now live! has been around since about 1997 can you believe that? Well, it was time for a complete overhaul and that is exactly what we got. Today we launched our all new Fire Island site that services the Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines communities. The site was designed with full social connectivity and automation, [...]

Invasion of the Sip n’ Twirl

Title: Invasion of the Sip n’ Twirl Location: 36 Fire Island Boulevard, fire island pines, ny Link out: Click here Description: Wild dancing and celebration of the 4th of July at the Sip n’ Twirl following the invasion of the Pines by drag queens from the Grove! Start Time: 3:00 Date: 2009-07-04 End Time: 6:00

4th of July Boat Decoration Contest

Title: 4th of July Boat Decoration ContestLocation: Fire Island Pines HarborLink out: Click hereDescription: The 40 plus year tradition continues, with boats in the Pines Marina competing for top prizes for the best decorated boat! Prizes are donated by local Pines businesses and judged by a panel of impartial judges. In true Pines fashion, boaters [...]

Invasion of the Pines 2009

Title: Invasion of the Pines 2009Location: Fire Island, PinesDescription: 34th annual invasion of the Pines by Cherry Grove drag queens and their entourage. Entertainment starts in the harbor at noon with the Invasion arriving at 2pm. Parade through the Pines harbor followed by dancing at the Sip n\’ Twirl in the Pines and the Ice [...]

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