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Pines Party Anticipation!

At some point in June- usually after three Planters Punches at Low Tea or three Frozen Margaritas on the Beach- the housemates and I settle on a “house theme” to dress for the upcoming Pines Party.  The Pines Party, the premier party of Fire Island is held from 10PM to 6AM with world renowned DJs [...]

The joys of share house dining!

At 9PM on any given Saturday night in Cherry Grove or Fire Island Pines all of the share houses assemble for an age old ritual that bonds us all together. The dreaded or exalted house dinner- depending upon your cooking abilities. Somewhere around 9PM each housemate has this built in timing device that sends a signal [...]

Sip N Twirl Hurricane Party

Saturday was the typical Fire Island Pines day for me and the housemates. Our no room for errors fun agenda, at least for those who did not stay up all night dancing at the Pavilion, begins with Iced Starbucks Coffee and the New York Times at the Bay Bar, followed closely with manscaping and the applying of [...]

Fireworks at the Bay!

The celebrations on July fourth in Fire Island Pines are not for the faint of heart. With extremely high hopes and great anticipation, throngs of guys and girls descend upon the Island not only for the Day’s debauchery, i.e.: The Invasion, but also for the entire mayhem of the weekend’s endless benefit parties and Hit DJs [...]

Under Who? Under What? UNDERWEAR !

Underwear @ Ice Palace

Friday July 3rd … and so it begins

The official kick off to 4th of july weekend on Fire Island

LOVE SHACK! – 80′s Party at Jumpin’ Jacks

Even though I was born in them, I’m not a huge fan of the eighties. Thundercats, neon leg warmers, and Prince never did much for me growing up, and they do even less for me now. Even going to the NYC nightclub Pyramid for my friends’ birthdays on the club’s infamous 80’s nights was more [...]

Fire Island PInes and Cherry Grove Bar Review

GROVEWATCH (6/23/09) After a long and cold New York winter, spring has finally sprung (or sprung a leak it seems – what crummy weather we’ve had so far), and those of us who return to Fire Island each year have by now all made the triumphant voyage across the bay to start yet another season [...]

It’s all about the Party!

Starting on Friday afternoon and running through the last ferry at Midnight the crowds pour into the Pines and Cherry Grove on Fire Island.  Leaving their chaotic jobs in finance, fashion or floral arranging and the sweaty masses of New York City these brave weekend warriors have either run the marathon of Penn Station and conquered [...]

Waking up at the Grove Hotel

  It’s obviously daylight and from the looks of the sun streaming through the cracks in the blinds and the shrieks of a drag queen outside there is a strong possibility it’s past noon. There is a shooting pain between my eyes and my mouth is as dry as the Sahara. I’m sure this is only from the [...]

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