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“Summer lovin’. Had me a blast”

Five months, twelve weekends, thirty six days and unlimited men! Another Fire Island summer comes to a smashing close. Last weekend as the housemates and I tossed out chipped martini glasses, Speedos missing drawstrings, designer sunglasses so scratched that the world was a blur and beach towels with mysterious stains we reflected and mused on [...]

Our Gay Travels!

New York City area Gays & Lesbians have no shortage of weekend getaways where they can find other like minded homos. You can pack the Range Rover and head north to the Hudson River Valley where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenes that inspired the Hudson Valley artists while you sip Chardonnay on the porch of [...]

Hot Bingo!

A Fire Island Boy cannot live on a steady diet of Planters Punches and Low Tea at The Blue Whale every day. So doing a service for our livers and the community, the men and women of the Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department have resurrected Thursday night Bingo this season. Arriving on the Island early [...]

Weekdays on Fire Island

I was a bit hesitant to come out Cherry Grove on a weekday—my experiences on Fire Island for the past four years have all taken place between Friday evenings and Monday mornings, when the island is crowded, populated with those on weekend getaways. But, since I got a full share to have the option to [...]

My First Time!

A house in East Hampton, an apartment in the city, a Golden Retriever, a SUV and a boyfriend who just dumped me after thirteen years so he could find himself with his Latino personal trainer. Yes, the winter had not been a pretty one and I spent it in tears, raging anger, then therapy, and finally [...]

Got wood now get coffee!

There was a time in the not so distant past when 7AM in Fire Island Pines would have found me with glazed eyes and covered in sweat stumbling home from the Pavillion in my jeans and sneakers and no clue where my Tshirt was last spotted.  But alas, time does change and nothing does that faster [...]

Fire destroys 2 homes in Fire Island Pines

Summer 2009 was off to a hot start as a fast-moving fire destroyed two homes in Fire Island Pines. The homes at 244 and 245 Baywalk were destroyed but thankfully no injuries were reported in the fire. What the video of the Fire Island Pines Fire Summer 2009!

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  • Fire Island Musician Gene The Machine 1961-2012 RIP. - 01/20/12 11:23pm
  • Fire Island Musician Gene The Machine 1961-2012 RIP. - 01/20/12 11:23pm
  • Big news for the Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove as well! 01/16/12 06:46pm
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