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“Summer lovin’. Had me a blast”

Five months, twelve weekends, thirty six days and unlimited men! Another Fire Island summer comes to a smashing close. Last weekend as the housemates and I tossed out chipped martini glasses, Speedos missing drawstrings, designer sunglasses so scratched that the world was a blur and beach towels with mysterious stains we reflected and mused on [...]

Our Gay Travels!

New York City area Gays & Lesbians have no shortage of weekend getaways where they can find other like minded homos. You can pack the Range Rover and head north to the Hudson River Valley where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenes that inspired the Hudson Valley artists while you sip Chardonnay on the porch of [...]

Pines Party Anticipation!

At some point in June- usually after three Planters Punches at Low Tea or three Frozen Margaritas on the Beach- the housemates and I settle on a “house theme” to dress for the upcoming Pines Party.  The Pines Party, the premier party of Fire Island is held from 10PM to 6AM with world renowned DJs [...]

Asbury Park Or Bust!

It’s a high summer Saturday with a cloudless sky and a cool breeze blowing off the ocean. All told a perfect beach day but instead of waiting with anticipation for the high noon Pines Fire Department siren to signal the OKAY to fire up the blender for frozen Margaritas I find myself already with one in hand as [...]

Hot Bingo!

A Fire Island Boy cannot live on a steady diet of Planters Punches and Low Tea at The Blue Whale every day. So doing a service for our livers and the community, the men and women of the Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department have resurrected Thursday night Bingo this season. Arriving on the Island early [...]

A New Generation of Drag Queen

GROVEWATCH  (June 30, 2009) As we prepare for this year’s Invasion of The Pines, it seemed like a great time for me to put down on paper (or bytes) some thoughts I’ve been having recently about that most indigenous of Cherry Grove species: The Drag Queen. It would be nearly impossible to not consider drag, [...]

Pride for the First Time

Sunday was the perfect beach day on Fire Island and usually nothing short of a hurricane forces the housemates and I to abandon the Pines. Well unless it is New York City Pride!  So it was that we donned our muscle tank tops, appropriate Pride jewelry, liberal sunscreen, not forgetting the designer sunglasses and caught an early ferry to [...]

July Fourth Invasion

It’s getting hot, and I know that my summer in Fire Island really isn’t complete unless I’ve done it. As the temperature outside rises, I think about it more and more, until it consumes most of my day. I choose a sexy outfit to work to my advantage, knowing full well it won’t stay on [...]

The sun shines hot on Queens Pride!

    It’s Sunday afternoon in Jackson Heights and it is Queens Pride! It’s a beautiful beach day on Fire Island but who can resist the hot Latino guys and girls that attend this festival! So, feeling adventurous three friends and I donned our tank tops, designer shades and ever so cool hats and made [...]

Invasion Of the Pines

Title: Invasion Of the Pines Location: Cherry Grove & Fire Island Pines Description: The Drag Invasion, a World famous event where the Drag Queens of Cherry Grove invade Fire Island Pines. All Drag Queens Meet at the ICE PALACE in Cherry Grove @ 12noon and assemble for thier red carpet strut down the board walk [...]

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