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Ice Palace Underwear Party

Ice Palace Underwear Party Raunch. Raunch. Raunch. And everyone loved it. Kudos to Daniel Nardicio for having those little “$5 off” coupons stuffed into the “Just Us Boys” porn guides that were being handed out at the ferry terminal on the mainland on Friday afternoon; it brought the admission fee to the Ice Palace Underwear [...]

LOVE SHACK! – 80′s Party at Jumpin’ Jacks

Even though I was born in them, I’m not a huge fan of the eighties. Thundercats, neon leg warmers, and Prince never did much for me growing up, and they do even less for me now. Even going to the NYC nightclub Pyramid for my friends’ birthdays on the club’s infamous 80’s nights was more [...]

Weekdays on Fire Island

I was a bit hesitant to come out Cherry Grove on a weekday—my experiences on Fire Island for the past four years have all taken place between Friday evenings and Monday mornings, when the island is crowded, populated with those on weekend getaways. But, since I got a full share to have the option to [...]

July Fourth Invasion

It’s getting hot, and I know that my summer in Fire Island really isn’t complete unless I’ve done it. As the temperature outside rises, I think about it more and more, until it consumes most of my day. I choose a sexy outfit to work to my advantage, knowing full well it won’t stay on [...]

Pines Underwear Party

FIRE ISLAND PINES UNDERWEAR PARTY I didn’t think I’d ever summon up the courage to step into the lion’s den of body-beautiful Pines boys and strip down to (nearly) nothing—but that’s just what I did this past Friday night at the Fire Island Pines Underwear Party. I didn’t even know that underwear parties existed until [...]

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  • Fire Island Musician Gene The Machine 1961-2012 RIP. - 01/20/12 11:23pm
  • Fire Island Musician Gene The Machine 1961-2012 RIP. - 01/20/12 11:23pm
  • Big news for the Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove as well! 01/16/12 06:46pm
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