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Fireworks at the Bay!

The celebrations on July fourth in Fire Island Pines are not for the faint of heart. With extremely high hopes and great anticipation, throngs of guys and girls descend upon the Island not only for the Day’s debauchery, i.e.: The Invasion, but also for the entire mayhem of the weekend’s endless benefit parties and Hit DJs [...]

The celebrations on July fourth in Fire Island Pines are not for the faint of heart. With extremely high hopes and great anticipation, throngs of guys and girls descend upon the Island not only for the Day’s debauchery, i.e.: The Invasion, but also for the entire mayhem of the weekend’s endless benefit parties and Hit DJs at the Pavilion. This is not the island of backyard barbeques with checkered table cloths, folding lawn chairs and your Aunt Velma’s questionable potato salad with mayonnaise in the sun. No, this is July Fourth Weekend where every share house is bursting with pumped, hot guys in Speedos and board shorts, drag queens in high wigs and even higher shoes flaunting their wares for that free drink at Sip N Twirl and  hot- as in sweaty- Long Island day trippers drinking Planters Punch in the sun.

A long standing tradition in our Share House is the annual Dance on the Bay produced by the Fund in the Sun and largely benefits the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City. This dance is traditionally held at a spectacular home overlooking the Great South Bay where a dance floor is constructed that extends onto the Bay. A word to the wise though to stay clear of the side of the dance floor as Rogue Waves from the bay tend to swamp you if you happen to find yourself making out with someone at the railing. After a day of dancing and sweating at the Invasion the housemates and I pulled ourselves together with a few Red Bull and Vodka’s, our tightest tank tops and Canal Street sunglasses and hit the party. The sun was high and DJ Joe Gauthreaux was rolling the music as we made our way across the wet dance floor to take in the spectacular view of the bay. As with any circuit type party arriving early is akin to being at a fraternity mixer where you can admire your friends tank tops and beach jewelry and more importantly scope out the men in broad daylight where you can get a good look at them.

Feeling the need for more social lubrication and expecting a long night I was ordering yet another Red Bull Vodka and throwing myself upon the cute volunteer bartender when the guy in line behind me said “make it two” and dropped a five dollar tip in the bowl. After a few words on the DJ and my smile I found myself with drink in hand standing by the railing of the dance floor (see above Rogue Wave comments) with a hot Puerto Rican dentist and totally immersed in his brown eyes and brown goatee. And again (see above Rogue Wave comments) I found myself watching the spectacular sunset across the bay on the dock of the house next door in wet cargo shorts, barefoot and shirtless while being held by the strong, hairy arms of the dentist. And to think that the real Fireworks were still hours away!

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  • en: is headed to the library, I wish the new Hunger Games or Bran Hambric was out already. Need a good book!!! 07/14/09 06:26pm
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  • en: I dunno about bothering with these @MTVAUSTRALIA comps i won a marshall amps like over 2 months ago and have never got it or replies ?? 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Is thinking about going to Millenia Mall or maybe the outlets. Either way let's go shopping :) 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @eldeethedon izit jus me or this meter fin is as useless???...I mean its very simple,u dnt ve meter,no thr shld b cnstntly if... 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Sarah Palin to quit in Middle of Speeches to Supporters, ask for more Money - or no more Word Salad "w/All the Fixins!".. 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @Lutfisk I don't think I'm brave enough to go, i wouldn't like to walk around Edmonton with a silly hat on, drunk or sober :p 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @DisneyChief Steve, 48F=9 Celsius, I believe. WOW that's really low compare here, it was 78F or so this morning, it's 9:22 PM still 82F!! 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Have some ideas about how or what the Dauntless could do? Submit them and vote on other ideas! 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @JessRuston If you think that, you need to see (or indeed read) The Right Stuff.... 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @pandaaMONIA East hills just has a bad sweage system... or maybee that is just our school :P 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Batman: Anthology (Blu-ray or DVD) 55% Off Today 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @SI_JonHeyman lets says joba or phil, melky, damon (expiring) and the aa catcher for halladay and wells. spoiled i know but block the sox. 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Supposedly leaving for the cape in 32 hours... Would kind of like to know whether or not I have a job. 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Oui! Monsieur!! Or something like that. In honor of Bastille Day, we will be selling Michelin tires. Bib will NOT be making an appearance 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Is Singing this Friday night the 17th at "Inner Look"? 18 and up! Text me for info! 3057612498 or BBM 20EE55A1. I know ur going!!! 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @mann1x Yes, I believe he is. More to the point - I can't see any players *wanting* to forego the FA Cup or current EPL. Esp. the FA Cup. 07/14/09 05:23pm
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  • en: @feegee_ferg pink cin akhirnya... Jadi bakal dipake kapan negh??? Pas u future hubby coming or when? 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @jonestony the place for the promotion code comes up after you login or create an account. I just tried ordered mine 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @MoFarbs For good? Why? Your doing or his? Are you ok? Why?! Goddamn Twitter is no LJ. 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: This successful method exceeds the business I generate by placing any number or combination of local ads, even Craigslist... 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @Sir_Chokolat or instant message..I think I can just use the phone and text..dunno if I can even send pics...hmmm! 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Deana's hvg rashes/red spots. it's the fever-gel or meds? She had used 5 gels but rashes only from last nite. Meds-allergy? 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: Im like really nervous..and idk why or what for. Lmao. I just have that feeling in my tummy 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @Crucial_Xtreme I'm still running .100 and actually loving it. Can't wait for official. (Or any update). Lol 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: @dot_matthew annoyed at being infuriated or something upset you? 07/14/09 05:23pm
  • en: do you say im HERE for you or im THERE for you? lol. 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @ALJAJACKSON not sayn they should or are obligated too ...but it would be a nice gesture ... 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @xrachelxrachelx for senior pics, straight or wavy? 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @JayIzzy19 good luuuuucccckkkk. Imma do it with u. Lol i'll get down to a good -90 pounds or somethin 07/14/09 05:22pm
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  • en: @dHeeLicious Yes shit, dunno if it's real or a huge Photoshop error. And we haven't seen The Butch One's legs, cos she always wears pants 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @cLickercLoi I was thinking the same thing but I found out that it's fance's independence day! baliski day or something:S 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: Big meetings today. Maybe ill get fired. Or a raise 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @johnnybarry Hey, not to ease drop or anything, but I was wondering how I can get me one of those thong butt twitter accounts. 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Those are your only two options. I'm going to need an answer.I got places to be." #1stfdraftmovielines 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: RT @iamdiddy: May God bless you to have a GREAT day today! BE GREAT or go back to sleep!!!! 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @PeterPaega Ex husband is so squeaky clean he could give Cliff Richard a run for his money. Or so people think ... lol 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: Going Galt. (Can you go Galt if you're not rich? Or are you just unemployed?) 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: @colinake I get off of work around 5 - how about 5:30 or so? wheres a good location? i work off Chastain/Barett 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: Animal Crossing: City Folk or Wii Music - $26.49 (47% Off) Shipped! 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: It is so nice to feel the sun here in the Boston area...and so depressing to see that it will be gone in another day or so... 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: New Question: Night is over and I haven't slept at all. Should I try? or should I get dressed and d.. 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: Batman: Anthology (Blu-ray or DVD) 55% Off Today 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • History!1798 -Congress passes: Sedition Act,making it 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: staycation: just officially added as a word in the webster dictionary meaning a vacation at home or nearby. i would rather staLikation 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: i hope somebody stands up at v's wedding at the "speak now or forever hold your peace" part. i hope that somebody is full of tattoos & s 07/14/09 05:22pm
  • en: I dare you to listen to a little voice in your head - a messy one, a cheaky one... One that you don't often share. What would it do or say? 07/14/09 05:17pm
  • en: I hope today isn't as biusy as yesterday was. Or maybe I do. I'm really trying to prove that I'm more effective without help. 07/14/09 05:17pm
  • en: i am going to watch a movie today...that is what people do on the days they feel sick. sometimes. or they just get over it. and go to work. 07/14/09 05:17pm
  • en: @kbachelder - have you watched it yet or are you waiting for the BBC America showing? 07/14/09 05:17pm

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