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Friday July 3rd … and so it begins

The official kick off to 4th of july weekend on Fire Island

Well 4th of July weekend was welcomed this year with very open and mite I add dry arms.

The weather was a fabulous welcome to what seems like a long overdue weekend vacation.

I enjoyed my usual drive to the ferry, with my top down and did the usually stop @ Costco.  I was very excited to see the huge lines at the ferry.  Once on the island I did my usual lap around to see who was home and who had guests.  We all agreed to go to Low [email protected] 7pm.  Low Tea was Very packed and featured KRASH dj Super Dave.  We really enjoyed his set, but it seemed more like a welcoming party than tea.  Next we ventured off to a special version of Middle tea (normally Saturdays) with Dj Vito Fun.  We had so much fun that we hardly were able to catch a glimpse of High Tea.  Vito played all our favorites and even threw in a few of his own. The Pavilion was packed wall to wall which is usual only for their middle teas.  So we all danced like school girls for hours it seemed to fly rite by.   We managed to catch a little bit of High Tea, which has as of lately become not so much fun, its to packed and cant boi cruise from the front to the back.   Regardless the vibe was good and even the ashtray smell walking in didnt bother my hypochondriac friend john as much. We enjoyed  Dj Kevin Graves High tea upbeat flavor. I was stuck in a corner but still managed to dance my butt around some sizzling chelsea boi.  I met many of my city friends who also decided to take advantage of mother natures gift.  After Tea we were invited to Mr. so and so’s house (name held cause she’s a big drama queen about her name) Regardless dinner was a mess because everyone of us were to drunk and exausted from dancing like an episode of high school musical. Mr. so and so usually is well put together about his dinner parties, but gurl let me tell you he just was not having  a steak that was harder than his Prada sport shoes.  I thought it was much better that we moved on to doing shots of Southern comfort and skipped past the shoe leather steaks.  I decided to take a quick dip in the pool, with my new found chelsea boi dance partner from high tea and then go take a little disco nap before heading out to visit all the underwear party’s on the island.  Sadly I never got my lil disco nap, and my new found chelsea boi dance partner was not so lil either …..

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  • en: For the rating period June 29 - July 3, 2009 GL showed a weekly gain of +102,000. This has to account or something! GL must shine! 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: RT @behzad77:Rt Green Brief #25 is out: OR Please Read and Retweet! #iranelection #gr88 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: @achura But we have to get the yard work done before church (or before it gets too damn hot)! 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: Pray 4 me...preachin 2 the teens...are u trash or are u recyclable...bout 2 get a couple hrs sleep b4 a busy sunday! 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: can't decide between zombies or an irish drinking session : P 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: Remembering a sign I once saw at self-storage facility: "No storage of animals or people, living or dead, permitted on premises." 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: what to have for dinner? hmmmm.. chicken curry & rice again? it's my speciality! ;) or pasta? 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: @babyitssel Hello selena! a warm support from here.. -philippines- i hope you can go here in our country to have a show or just to visit! :) 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: $$ CASH IN A FLASH for any CAR, VAN or TRUCK!!! 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: I'm up ready 4church pray tht all my ppl on here n wateva ya doing going or saying rite now that U hav a bless day regardless circumstances 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: @misstoriblack r u on the east or west coast? 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: Do you sell stuff on Craigslist? I have several items: should I list one per ad or use one ad for all? #fb 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: RT @kellywi: life changing decision....Iphone 3gs or Blackberry bold?? Why change your Life, just make it better go for the BOLD !! 07/12/09 05:29pm
  • en: $2 off any 14" or 16" pizza today! 07/11/09 07:14pm
  • en: Stage 7 is over! Contador might be in yellow. Or Lance? 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: - drunk sorry when my friends have a bday or get married im always the first one with a cab ride home, i hate l ... 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: @kirstiealley not clear, is this water for dinking or play in to wast? site I was looking at was not clear. please help 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: @cnadeau @anadeau have you guys thought about doing an NHL pick 'em suicide league? Pick once or twice a week, can't pick the same team 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: Million-dollar consultant Alan Weiss recommends focusing on one or two marketing activities at a time to get your consulting business going. 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: Please share KCADP videos ( w/ friends by Tweeting about them or posting them on your Facebook profile. Thanks! 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: Can an injunction or restraining order be put out on Joe Jackson? At the very least a muzzle? Because FOR REAL: 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: @FIPLAB 1) Log out of iTunes Store on comp. 2) Create new account on US STORE. 3) Download free app "Remote" or use free code for app. 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: @RuffRyder69 gonna get intoxicated one way or another. need it, its been months. lol. 07/10/09 08:27pm
  • en: @motherletter Totally depends on if it was "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Terminator". 07/10/09 04:53pm
  • en: Pardon ya'll had to get that off my chest, I guess moma made me a winner, I aint about to lose to nothing or nobody. 07/10/09 04:53pm
  • en: Tokyo Times: Mad, madder, maddest: Whether it be fast food chains or fashion houses, in these financ.. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: I've been using Google's Chrome browser the last few days and it's been a LOT more crashproof than my internet explorer or firefox had been. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: Office move poll > If we should take the 3 flr place on Long Acre tweet "luvvie" or the smaller (but cooler) blding on Beak St tweet &quo 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @moose73 naww thanks. But you got @_Kel_ wrong - there's another "_" on the end. ;) [email protected] isn't quite as active. Or sexy. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @BobbyWordplay Staying up super late is the thing to do now. So shut up or either go to sleep. LoL.. jk. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @CrissEJones ima count wit u....way from san andres or wherever yo ass at 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @shanedawson AWESOME, you look so different. What happened? Was it Jenny Craig, or Nutrisystem? 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: Dapz you need to put your vocals on this feature this weekend or you might get replaced Im on a deadline to get this album completed sorry 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: I can't sleep, these headaches are killing me... I need a sleep remedie... Or its gonna be a looooong day. But it's a new day, thank god. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @GeneralLee also, if you run out of room in your freezer & need to store some steaks or something, give em to me. i'll bring em down here. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @kilmeade question brian r the dems in congress on crack or something. why mess w/ the CIA aren't they on r side. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @Luphinus Prolly not. I've been wanting to go for years, and finally said f-it. Either my job won;t let me go, or no job to pay for it. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @debbieseraphina how's your ink? painful, stinging or is it itching? 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @CloudStrife_ACC why would i want..his lips..on mine if theyre gay or whatever you call it 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: I don't want to spoil it for you but the end of this movie is easily the lamest or most amazing thing ever depending on how high you are. 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: @kidsinaustralia Sorry, i was referring to "Kids in Australia" does it have a blog section or is it just service based? 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: Email Marketing - Single Or Double Opt in - That is the Question - 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: U ppl don't sleep anymore or wut? 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: Which one is better, Carrefour or Giant?Hmm... 07/10/09 03:18pm
  • en: shi tld 2 stuf it sily rabit buh i no3 trix iz 4 kidz daz y ima leve em alon =e kuz all dhey do iz trik or treat wiff no baq 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: @carter_mason ah... Ok I don't mean to offend.. Are you a guy or girl? 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: @hawkito my problem with that, that they end up in the library. So pretty hard to tell what's new. Or am I missing something? 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: The flash or lights appear to have failed in the picture with Misha though, so its all dark. Stupid Rogue Events! 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: @the_nose I assume you either don't drive or you're only nosing? 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: Do ticketmaster know we're friends or is this just the weirdest accident ever? 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: Get Twitter Rockstar, the authoritative guide to marketing your brand or niche with Twitter - 07/10/09 02:08pm
  • en: DO YOU ? have an idea or invention check out and see what your next step is ALL INFO IS FREE join now its FREE 07/10/09 05:53am
  • en: @kiala They will try to add you as a friend, and you'll just blow them off. Or you'll add them but not even read their bulletins. Snap! 07/10/09 05:53am
  • en: @jedidja Really? So any broken bone or injury would cause death without medical intervention would it? Uh-huh #primal 07/09/09 06:52pm
  • en: Din tonight either a meatball sub with the leftover meatballs from dinlast night or a grilled chx salad. I am already thinking of dinner ha! 07/09/09 06:52pm
  • en: @sseely I should.. I must be paying for the Soldier Field remodelling or the Millenium Park 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @mstern am aware of govt & Internet they don't want another Iran when they want martial law over Mexican flu or "food shortages" 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @donavon that is a handy feature. Also nice to see whats running or the progress of an installer from the task bar 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: cheese flavored ice cream.. or ice cream flavored cheese?? hahahahahaa which is which!?!?!?! 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @lboogiedownone Check out for a bachelor party photo scavenger hunt. Tame or wild? Up to you! 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @historicals Or I think there are authors who write a single gothic type book, but don't write them all the time. Other than that, ?. :) 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: We are the world-michael jackson. I jst realised why im cold. Im not wearin long pants or socks 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: :: *takes in a deep breath* ahh, nothing beats the hot stale air or a concrete room with no ventillation. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Oh my..not on here to offend ANYONE!! That is the last thing I would ever want or even try to do. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @HotOnes Anyone here use FaceBook or MySpace, are they cool? What about WordPress? YouTube seems cool to me :) I love vids & pics 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @annedouglas are they for bunny or me? 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: I actually like the phillip character...something mysterious about him. However, I cannot stand the new Adam or the Adam/Rafe love thing. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Working on creating a wiki for my Photo 10 class. Looking for interesting project ideas, any suggestions or links? 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • : share for voicing Thriller. He went for the cash. >>> GUTTED 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Putting all my music and videos on my 3GS.... Is it just me or do things sync faster on it too? :) 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Scalpel or Sword? One of the blogs I follow, love it. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • : "Every time you add a new product or product option a small part of your company dies." 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @SpacemanAlpha back in the 70's, everyone used to smoke in offices. Watch old Mary Tyler Moore or something like that, smokes right & left 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @simplytweet I got my second ST notification last night, lagged about an hour or two. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Starting a webcast about the Olympus E-P1 in an hour or so. Fantastic new take on an old idea. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @Oxogymnastics oh REALLY? on what? canvas, wood, glass, lacquer, clay or concrete? using what? oils, watercolours, or pastels? 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: wake up and its sunny hmm what to do today clean or get some sun??? hmmmm 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: looks like another beautiful day out there for trout fishing or golf - but alas - i have to work 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Are you needing a prom dress for next year or something just to go out in. You must come in and see our Prom dresses. They are all 19.99 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Wilma ia very sick...need help with homes and money for the 86 dogs at MRk' help 832-887-0082..or 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Twitter Book Party! Here's the master list of books that launched or will launch with a TWITTER BOOK BIRTHDA.. #bookbday 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: Home. Where everything turns to crap and i'm not good enough or not who my parents want me to be. Where i hate to be. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: damn...meant to say "couldn't find" my charger...or buy one. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: @chipcoffey So many films seem to be like that - I find. They start off well, but don't seem to have a clue as to where to go or how 2 end. 07/09/09 06:47pm
  • en: We will decide whether or not to co-locate GUADEC and Akademy again on July 15th. Fill out survey: #gcds 07/09/09 06:46pm
  • en: u cud be a SWEET DREAM or a BEAUTIFUL NITEMARE.. eitha way, i dnt wanna wake up from u <3 07/09/09 06:46pm
  • en: 80-85k a year as a Service Manager or Business Analyst at a large international bank in Holland. Job profile on request (end client). pls RT 07/09/09 06:46pm
  • en: @tbsimon t-minus 30 hours (or so), right? 07/09/09 06:38pm
  • en: Oh, now there are mice or rats in my room rather than just the roof. Lovely. As if it were too easy to sleep. 07/09/09 06:38pm
  • en: thinking tomorrow is make or break. 07/09/09 06:38pm
  • en: Also Dubstep seems to be running shit in the free download battle. Do you want a FREE DUBSTEP or GRIME tune from us? 07/09/09 06:38pm

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