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Starting on Friday afternoon and running through the last ferry at Midnight the crowds pour into the Pines and Cherry Grove on Fire Island.  Leaving their chaotic jobs in finance, fashion or floral arranging and the sweaty masses of New York City these brave weekend warriors have either run the marathon of Penn Station and conquered [...]

Party Time!

Party Time!

Starting on Friday afternoon and running through the last ferry at Midnight the crowds pour into the Pines and Cherry Grove on Fire Island.  Leaving their chaotic jobs in finance, fashion or floral arranging and the sweaty masses of New York City these brave weekend warriors have either run the marathon of Penn Station and conquered the Hamptons bound hordes on the LIRR Montauk Line for a seat or tested their endurance and nerves with a three hour car trip on the gridlocked LIE.

Their victory is the anticipation of the weekend as they disembark from the ferry toting designer lap dogs, Costco bundles of Charmin, three matching Louis Vuitton bags and a rollaway, plastic Stop n Shop bags bulging with raw chicken and disheveled bundles of flowers for the dining room table.

On a recent Friday evening while catching up with the housemates and three Kettle One Martinis at Sip n Twirl – we were distracted by a handsome Asian guy who was a friend of one of the housemates. After settling in with our group and enjoying a martini he invited us to a house party. Being a disgruntled lot and into their third martinis the rest of the housemates declined, but one of my housemates and I, because we were into our third martini, joined him. The Asian guy turned out to work in fashion- which would likely explain the D-Square T-shirt and Hermes belt and he was not just inviting us to one party but two more were on the agenda and a well known fashion designer was promised to be in attendance. So with our interest peaked and high energy levels, no doubt from the martinis, we arrived at the first party.

This catered affair with shrimp on ice and an actual bartender serving Grey Goose Vodka was a birthday party for the host. It was at a beautiful original home on the Bay and filled with an eclectic mix of Island locals and summer party boys. After a few awkward well wishes I descended upon the bar for some liquid encouragement as well as to meet the handsome older gentlemen also standing there.  He worked in fashion and it turned out we had mutual friends in common. Barely into my second Vodka Tonic my new Asian friend arrived breathlessly and announced we had to leave this very second for the next party- as if it would blast to the moon if we did not immediately appear. My motto is “never leave fun to find fun” and in this case it was free flowing vodka and an intriguing man. However, I was outvoted and promptly whisked to the second party. My first clue that this may be less than stellar was the fact that we needed to stop by the house to pick up some beer. And, as the host “popped” the top off my Heineken on the metal staircase railing, and the crowd of excited 20 something year olds screamed as Lady Gaga’s ”Poker Face” bounced from the Ipod I realized my intuitions were correct. When I emerged from the bathroom and they were dancing on the sofa I decided to make a hasty exit.

As I dove through the crowd for the front door imagine my delight when I reached it the same time as my older gentlemen from Party One. Looking relieved he grabbed my hand,  pushed me through the open door and yelled “Run!” And that we did, all the way back to the well known fashion designer’s home on the Ocean.

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  • no: @YankeeGirl20 haha id never delete u! or block u! 07/14/09 08:37am
  • en: The fantastic marine bio school you chose was in San Diego? Not Monterrey? Or Santa Cruz? Hell, even Santa Barbara. wtff. 07/14/09 08:37am
  • en: @stilgherrian @kcarruthers or you Have an existing medical condition like me which requires immune suppresants daily I get swine I am gone 07/14/09 08:37am
  • en: Would y'all rather see a Harry Potter parody as a full story or as a comic strip series? I might put my wisecracks to good use. 07/14/09 08:37am
  • en: @EricaFabs Dorsquerotto was created in the rain...or...something...:P Cheers? Cheers! :D 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: RT @jaycaruso: @JustinWise Oh man. That's not a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer. A lot 'depends' on various factors #paytoplay 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: RT @Deepak_Chopra: What is your intent for the week? I'd love to read them. Please share them at or @intentdotcom 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @surrilla u a funny alien man! R we sessioning wit @mindyland tom in the day or night? The lonely stoner... 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: second props bets Pujols or Howards winning the home run derby....Yes and thats a -110 proposition and worth it 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @librarybeemarie The fact that Roger scissorhands is M.I.A. disturbs me. I don't want dreadlocks or a shaved head. I love my haaaaairrrrr. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @Thyroidologist I am quite aware what a thyroidologist is, are you in the uk? or us? 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Must force myself to go shopping for Latitude festival tomorrow or I'll end up a wreck! 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: #musicmonday Linp Bizkit- My way or the Highway! ♫ 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @Susie74 i need ur help hunn, you know of clubs or locations that will host an event? 411 is appreciated, and will be compensated .. thanks 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Aqua running or elliptical machine? Not sure which one is more annoying. Got a combo of 2 hours today. Oh the fun..... 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Shite @imLOSTirl MIFIT, then Sligo IT lol OR i may go to sligo straight away lol 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @oceanUP Chuck Norris makes onions cry xD or: Chuck Norris died ten years ago...Death just didn't dare telling him yet =D 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @KimmyT22 Is it an English word(s)??? Or is it a French name or something??? It's driven me Crazy!!! lmao 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Enjoying a great monday morning working from home...wondering if I should continue being productive here after lunch or head into the office 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Free movie, under the stars: So gather a few friends or grab a date and head down to Grant Park this summer for .. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: I dont know whats worse tax pays money used for PMs house or Ringera clears MPs in maize scandal 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Your federal government wants to destroy jobs not save or create them - 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: sorting mail to I <3 Huckabees. Or maybe I should listen to Schumann's Piano Concerto? Let me know. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @ashtonmcintosh hmmm lets say January/February 2011, or sometime around then? I think you should come back here before tho, miss you xo 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Lllloonnggg day already...might layout and take a nap by the pool or something though 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: RT @lazyjournal: RT @JulianR: July 14th between 5-8pm free chilli dog or cone at Weinerschnitzel!!!! Thanks @I_Like_CupCakes 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @mropinion Thursday night or something I'll download it, and see if I like it, will you be around? 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: [email protected] I'm sorry I'm not cool enough to be one of those people with MySpace or Facebook, but be my penpal anyway. (Th ... 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: watched the Tale of Despereaux and wishes she were a French mouse. Or anything French. Even a French baguette or some fromage. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @drakerock and the people who wanted to dreamed about. Or better yet trained or studied to get there. Or people got out on the grind. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @WaysideWaifs No i haven't but trying to improve the way people enter in or search breeds (to make sure they enter the right breed) 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • eo: Nas or JayZ? Jay! 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: to figer out a way to make them get allone ,or scroppio has to go ,its only right blue was here 1st wow and she looks beat up for real 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • <b>Or</b> AT&amp;t. Some shit...n I called u 2nites: Last I checked you had verizon too... 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Getting tired of hearing the house won't b ready or its already rented. I appreciate the honesty from the woman who said "we don't rent ... 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @hardtarget well, i was thinking Only U or whatever it's called. but, denny's is also a great idea.. mmm, breakfast. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Walking, Biking To Work Linked To Wellness - CBS 4 South Florida: Walking or biking to work, even part way, is l.. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @aurora_gunner @arch649 i dont need interesting or circus peanuts...i'm just looking for a little sense. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: RT @mshwery: wr apostles paid 2 help ppl know god or worship? The only time we hrd abt getting paid was 4 betrayal/corruption #paytoplay 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @So_Humble Lol....yeah shyt was you doing something...or just up lol.. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @ProfJonathan Yes, I do think that the protesters make a point whether or not we agree. Things running on their own leads to bad. #sotoshow 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @BoFirstDog you have any inside info as 2 whether or not the prez will be bumpin up 2 the new bb tour? :p him being a diehard bb fan & all. 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Anyone know where I can find a list or database including TV SHOW / PRODUCTION COMPANY? i.e. Lost/ABC...HGTV Showdown / Pie Town Productions 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: "We don't have a caste system in this country or even a class system," Schumer says in introducing #Sotomayor's accomplishments 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: RT @RHStavis: If you love Hello Kitty like I do (or hate her and wish death to the franchise) check out this site! 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: Schumer again. Oh, how poetic. Sonia Sotomayor from the Bronx. Not about race, class, or gender? 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: @exampleyoutwit do you ran round hyde park or thames? least your not one of those i see running round the local kebab shop 07/13/09 11:42pm
  • en: hates exs. i hope they die and burn in hell xD or that karma WHOOPS their ass. 07/13/09 06:17pm
  • en: TIP: Having seafood for dinner? Check or first! 07/13/09 06:17pm
  • en: Checking out new feature in Wilson Bio Ref Bank---audio of entries that are downloadable as mp3 file (male or female voice). (via @deb07) 07/13/09 06:17pm
  • en: We can be successful and have enemies, or we can be unsuccessful and have lots of friends. That's a choice we have to make. MUST WIN! 07/13/09 06:02pm
  • en: Happy Monday to everyone! Well, the start of another week for work or vacation. Where IS the time going? Have a Great Week! 07/13/09 06:02pm
  • en: k 12th meeting down for the day and according to my goog calender, 3 more to go... Man !!!! Am I busy man or what???? 07/13/09 06:02pm
  • en: Wow. My father is an ASSHOLE. He says I live under his roof, so I need to change my sleeping schedule, or he's taking my phone and Internet. 07/13/09 06:02pm
  • en: @PrinceNuada What should I do first? Help Jared, or make potions for the offensive? 07/13/09 06:02pm
  • en: Good morning, Twitterdom. All is well here in the Mountain West, or at least it looks that way outside the ol' window. 07/13/09 06:02pm
  • en: Easy: create your account on or use your existing Twitter, Flickr or Facebook account to sign in.#Airlines# #Travel# #iPhone# 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: @onlinemasai waiting on afew other quotes. might have to just fit a bog standard piece of glass. no frills like the heating or tint. 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: Does anyone know where I can get a demo copy of Adobe Indesign CS3 or CS4? I'm doing some short-term project work. 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: wonders whether the view of a single 15 year old is representative of all or most teenagers on their consumption of different media channels 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: -most innovative yet easy-to-use tool for an automated online business that yields 6 or 7 digit earnings range 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: @mommymuse I have 5; my 7,9,11 year olds still take 1 hr or more daily in summer when days are so long. Couldn't survive otherwise! 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: @stephenconroy Julie the chef or the politician. I think they are interchangeable... 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: #truth most of u splurge on BS and don't even know what a 401k is or anything about stocks... 07/13/09 03:42pm
  • en: @lexiphanic @jonoh Maybe some have fallen into public domain? Like Othello or MahJong? Some cool niche trivia games could work well too... 07/13/09 03:41pm
  • en: is working at the ISC this week....trying to figure out summery outfits without wearing sleeveless or open toed shoes. So hard. 07/13/09 03:41pm
  • en: Which is worse: bacon topped with bacon, or the fact that Hubby is laughing to quivering drool at Weird Al on UHF?! 07/12/09 07:03am
  • en: @dpanwoman Is that new or old Barbara? 07/12/09 07:03am
  • en: - Make $1600 in a week? or $500 to $600 a day? from home? Unemployed or even part timers.. 07/12/09 07:03am
  • pl: - food or w.e 07/12/09 07:03am
  • en: This is the week of Jim, or for you government officials, James. 07/12/09 07:03am
  • en: Sorry if anyone got offended, I really do love u I've just had it w the whole thing, I just think to myself who caresss if u have either or 07/12/09 07:03am
  • en: Love that show! RT @MetsWFAN: Put it in the books! or Victory! (Entourage returns tomorrow night) 07/12/09 07:03am
  • en: @ImBruceLeeroy you better follow me on twitter..or else* 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: Is anarchy the solution or cause of every strife that we see around us? 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: I wonder if putting Push on @twitterfon, or any other Twitter app for that matter, is practical... it could get annoying in practice... 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: There are worse things in the world than not getting a magazine signed and/or snapping a photo or two. Just saying. 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: @baresockcrafts Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: @sarahblasko - excellent stuff! Any idea when it's available in the UK (CD or download)? 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: weed or alcohol? 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: Still Around The Corner There May Wait, A New Road Or A Secret Gate. Don't ever stop until you reach your goals. 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: @tlyric Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: Travel Registered Nurse Operating Room (OR) - TravelMax Nursing - Oakland, CA Rx Plan, 401k, Life, Disability, #oakland 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: TONIGHT - The Rogues (Acoustic Duo) - The Delaney House - Holyoke, MA - 7PM-11PM Come hear us play & have a nice pint (or 5) of Guinness! 07/11/09 02:30pm
  • en: -As A Maverick Money Maker You WILL Make Money Or It's FREE! 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: How to Tell If Your Silver Jewelry is Real or Fake: Quality jewelry is made with the best materials. Its value i.. 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: In Reading or Newbury? please give generously to any volunteers you see shaking a bucket for the Meningitis Trust #MTBigWeekend 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @Big_Miley_Fan So what is it for? Is it to win tickets or something? :) 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @stuartflatt Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: not coming out to ATE it or love it launch party tonight #unacceptable 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @RFEspinoza You should make a deal w/ him or something every time he asks you to do that for him. 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @cousinscorner Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: STOP RAINING. or at least wait until i reach home. 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: is developing a HJM model by Monte Carlo Simulationf or the 1st thesis idea. 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: Werewolves or vampires? 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: Wtf? Who's on my Twitter? He last 5 or so tweets I sent out were not me. Gotta change my password maaan 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @shopgirl45 Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @McEva PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP MEEEE. it was good. prolly my all time fav movie.. after willy wonka ofcourse. 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: Housefull cleared by censor board: There was a debate whether a film with a story or a concept and screenplay wo.. 07/11/09 02:22pm
  • en: @otefitness Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: RT @lilduval Headed 2 the room by myself. Am I the only nigga that can't go 2 sleep unless I have sex or jackoff? he'll maw lmao 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: @Monitis Not live or now live? Typo radar shows a blip... :) 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: #SportsSaturday Big ups to Manny Ramirez for tying Micky Mantle on the Home Run list. $teroids or not. 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: @kelseyherold it's easy to tell when someone's faking or is truly in it. Although I've had to help them out a few times with almost gfs 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: @PDEESOFNY retreat or some shyt like that!!!we need to all hit the club real talk 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: How many more holes can I make in the knee of my jeans or scrapes when I wear shorts! 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: @sinfoid What is "the Ninja-house"? Is it in Iga, Koga or some where else. I'm looking for the black blur on the map. 07/11/09 12:11pm
  • en: @daharlemdon and how or who is hackin people twitter?? 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @justinhelmer an update to msg will follow this tweet in x hours or days :) 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @russelllane026 Can we talk to you on cam today? email me at [email protected] or call 512-703-5260. 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @Gurlstrange just read the article.. walao -.-" mj fan or not, it's damn rude (to say the least) to title her post 'good riddance' omg 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @anica314 dinner? Tuesday or wednesday? 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: Is it my imagination or is the Tour TV coverage better when Lance rides? This year it's great! 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: Am hungry. Need #moonfruit. Or maybe I should stick a cap on my greasy hair and go to the corner shop. 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: Think commercial with little prep space or provisions. Knives are very limited. 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: Need a Credit Card, Debit Card, Payday Loan and/or CreditReports/Scores? Try 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • de: Checkers or Chess? 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @juliannarose blahhhhhhh . maybe now we will get to the gym at the same time though! today or tomorrow? wanna go? tacos? 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @spyder89 yeah, it's kind of a pain, r u using a bucket or glass fermenter? bucket wouldn't be as bad, but glass sucks to get them otu 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: @mhsteger "trying to imagine The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck as if it were written by Faulkner" Yes! Or maybe T Williams? JP's a kinda Blanche 07/06/09 06:57pm
  • en: Not sure who's worse. The person who coined the term "Hyperlocal" or the people who insist on using it. #redbank 07/06/09 06:57pm

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