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A New Generation of Drag Queen

GROVEWATCH  (June 30, 2009) As we prepare for this year’s Invasion of The Pines, it seemed like a great time for me to put down on paper (or bytes) some thoughts I’ve been having recently about that most indigenous of Cherry Grove species: The Drag Queen. It would be nearly impossible to not consider drag, [...]

GROVEWATCH  (June 30, 2009)

As we prepare for this year’s Invasion of The Pines, it seemed like a great time for me to put down on paper (or bytes) some thoughts I’ve been having recently about that most indigenous of Cherry Grove species: The Drag Queen.

It would be nearly impossible to not consider drag, if only briefly, after spending any time at all in Cherry Grove.  Drag is the common thread – a gaudy one at that – stringing together all the different crowds and age-groups in Cherry Grove.  One sees more drag in Cherry Grove than one will see in an entire year of typical gay night life.  You can love it or you can hate it, but you will learn quickly to live with it.

And, being of a “certain age,” I have seen enough drag extravaganzas to believe that we are now in a transitional node on the drag queen continuum, moving from the Golden and Silver Ages to some new drag era — perhaps a Bronzer age.  If drag has periodic system upgrades, this is Drag Queen 3.0.

The Golden Era of modern drag queenery preceded my arrival on the scene, but one could still feel and see its residual values for most of my coming out years, which were, for the record, the early 80s.  These first drag queens who got their start as budding young queenettes in the 50’s and 60’s, and reached full drag flower in the high rollin’ 70’s, bring a certain Nashville-meets-Vegas glamour to their personas.  It is easy to imagine these girls planning their weekly TV schedule around appearances by Anne Margaret, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton or any other slightly salty dish with a big head of frosting-like hair and a whore-with-a-heart-of-gold charm.  The songs that the Golden Era drag queens chose to perform typically featured powerhouse “show” vocals and a liberal dose of the risqué.  Our drag queen was a party-time gal out for honest kicks who gave as good as she got.  Camp humor was front and center, and bawdiness and self-deprecation sang harmony, but what was totally missing in any meaningful way was true irony.  I guess in those days, being a man in a dress tended to fulfill any obligations one had to the ironic.

Somewhere around 1990 (or at least that’s when I started to notice), the drag ethic took a conceptual leap – or perhaps a more lady-like skip.  Though the “look” of drag stayed the same, the “sound” began to noticeably change.  In many ways, it was in their choice of music that the drag queens of the 90’s began to carve out an aesthetic of their own.  While raunchy sex songs never go out of drag style, more and more, drag queens were choosing numbers that conveyed not the challenge of a man pretending to be a woman, but of a woman pretending to hold herself together, or any human being who’s pretending to fit into a splintering and unsympathetic culture.  Connie Francis and Cher were replaced by Grace Jones and P!nk.  Arch rock songs and “Miss JACKson if you’re Nasty!” made perfect sonic soundplates for performances that growled out some hard-earned drag rage.  Outfits began to slide over and off the style curve, as if Nolan Miller had struck a particularly ill-advised retail deal with Joan Jett.  Physical humor became more unexpected and risk-taking, with drag entrances now often consisting of face-down skids across the stage.  Though still similar in many ways, the Silver Age Drag Queen stood apart from her Golden Age aunt by virtue of her generation’s confidence in being gay, and a chip-on-her-shoulder attitude that made drag empowering as well as funny.

Which brings us to the last year or two, where another generational change appears to be taking place.  Tellingly, it has happened in parallel with the Doll Wars:  just as Barbie has yielded her once-unchallangeable commercial reign to the decidedly uptown Bratz, so has the drag aesthetic finally loosened its grip on the white, bouffant feminine ideal to grasp instead for a Beyonce/Tyra/Xtina multi-ethnic edge.  Street-smarts, while always hinted at and played with in drag humor, have now become the key driver of drag humor in all its finger-waving, chin-out ghetto bravura.  Dispensed with too is the often-cramped stage dimension in which drag so snugly fit for decades.  Today’s drag queen views any space, surface or atmosphere she can physically inhabit as part of her performance theater.  The “fourth wall” has been demolished and you’re just as likely to find a drag queen dangling from the lightning rod on the roof of the bar or submerged in the swimming pool or the bay as you are to see her up on stage where we once comfortably assumed she was supposed to stay.

There has never been a cannier and more voracious connoisseuse of pop culture than a good drag queen, and now new technologies that are easily affordable have placed vast libraries of music and sound clips, along with digital manipulation techniques with which to re-combine them, into the hands of the Bratz Generation and one begins to see performances that no longer consist of one song in one space, but rather of head-jerking juxtapositions of lyrics and beats and bits from old TV shows, all set on Frappe! in the Great Drag Blender.  In short, drag has begun to move from being a character study to being a culture study, where fashion, history, class, camp, empowerment and movement collide in ways that are at times unsettling, at times hilarious, but always fascinating.

So, enough pontificating.  One might not ever have occasion to consider this level of drag theory if he or she weren’t surrounded at all times in Cherry Grove by a true Who’s Who of drag legends –- good ol’ home-grown gay drag queens – who continue to make it fun and compelling to watch.  Golden Era matriarchs like China, Charity and Bella, Pansy and Philomena; Silver Era cougars Arielle Sinclair, Porsche, and Gusty and Sweetie; and the new breed, heralded by Logan Hardcore and Bastard Amber and many others sure to follow.  All continue to bring their “A” game and uniquely gay sensibilities to the one art form that is left exclusively to us.

So I salute you all, and wish you a wonderful Invasion, and I hope you give us your best performances for years to come.  ‘Cuz somewhere out in that crowd is next year’s new thing and she’s looking you up and down, thinking: “Nice. Nice. But what if I put a hologram of Amy Winehouse running all fucked up in London right next to her and mixed in some Lada Gaga singing ‘Paparazzi’ – yeah, THAT would be FIERCE!”

Watch your broad backs, ladies.  As All About Eve so brilliantly cautioned: there is always a v4.0.

Clarque Kent
The Only Man Not Getting Laid In Fire Island

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  • en: @MissPierson86 I need a drink or 3! U down!? 07/07/09 06:44am
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  • en: @blakeshelton When I say I like a man with a sense of humor... I mean your sense of humor. Love you! or at least really like you. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @kaffy it's only 17 hours! lol how much was your ticket? or do you have enough points by now? lol *whispers* I'm happy for you. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Head is still spinning, was it the rides or the pills I popped? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @lfespino And fruit flies...oh the fruit flies...can't walk without eating - or getting them in your eyes. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @nzlemming I just hope they stop before they get to mauve or taupe lanterns 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @KimmyT22 we need a drummer or singer tonight, do u have xbox 360? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: where are all the celebs at? Havent seen any post from any that i follow except Mandy Moore about an hour or 2 ago #moonfruit #dealsplus 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @ehasselbeck Our troops don't get coverage because real life doesn't sale papers or get people to watch TV. Gossip and speculation does. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Think about this....Are "you" your brain, or is your brain "you?" If not what makes you "you?" 07/07/09 06:43am
  • : it's such a tie between Stuwie and Lois for me! ..... Or maybe Brian... 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Bought a homeless man a can of beer tonight. Not sure if I put good or bad put into the world? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: That's it. Sleep calling. Last shot- Be brutally honest with your clients. They'll either love you or fire you. Either is okay. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @rightbankgirl What hood is that? I've always wondered if they move around or stick to one area. I don't know NY well enough to tell. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: As a dude, I will never understand or condone skinny jeans. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @scottsimpson are you trying to grow ladyparts or something? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: ill buy a palm centro for verizon from anyone or trade ! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: gunshot or leftover firework? idk, it is north philly... 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Do a twitter search on Enterprise and you'll know the kind of customer service they provide. What co. is worse Charter Comm. or Enterprise? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @kaycesmith hahahahahahahaha! Ole at least coulda been some pizza or something 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Yall like my new Pic yes or no? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Listening to Dirty Diana trying to figure out if i like it or not. So far its a big no. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • da: Or deliver. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: "Waterfalls" by TLC has been in my head all night for some reason. I'll have to download it and actually listen to it, or I'll go nuts! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Writing newsletter: build a treasure chest at Lowes or touch at truck at Kingston Overlook Chick-fil-A on Saturday, why not do both? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @Duck13 like what? you being a male WHORE or guys passionate about music? LOL 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: is thinking about the future. Dangerous or ambitious? I haven't decided yet. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: I say Genius! RT @heyfreckles: So is it ultimate laziness or pure genius? Taking out the trash via Segway! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: I hate being called Ma or shortie!!!! My name is MARILYN, or Presh to a few! Get it 2gether! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @DaniLugosi I guess my sleepovers differed from your current ones. Or former ones? Or both? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: I feel so sleepy today. Its weird. I slept @ 10 last night and had a good night sleep. Or maybe it's the class, too boring. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @Sunshine2B whenever the concert is....I pray this fool come thru or else!!!!!! Its late july early august. Imma abt to look it up 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Do people really hear some of the crazy Status' some people write? Or even a Face in that "book"? R you* even reading this? Social Media! HA 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: "How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering? Suffering is universal. The pain, not living or dying." 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @laurflem Cool, i was kind of leaning towards the nikon. I think im gonna get a D60 body and a decent lens or two. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Lmao make it or break it is so dumb! And who would have a kegger with underage drinking and have a loud band play there! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Head over to my Facebook profile & list city/state or country where u live 4 F2F meetups: #journchat 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Wishing I could subscribe to a Tour de France video podcast or streaming service to catch the action—cable TV is so much work. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @manolosavi Sorry, yes, .94... rainbow cursor, hmm, does it ever actually crash? Or just spins and spins? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: $5.00 off your purchase of $15.00 or more, visit 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Thank goodness I grabbed my phone during lunch or it would've never been found! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @UWA_Beauty God knows I'mma need a drink or two after all this! 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: It's shit when you can't tell if you're being sane or crazy, a nice guy or a bastard. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @Lizzizzie Ahahahaha. "He would have had 1 or 2 with us." "More like 20. No, seriously. He had a problem." 07/07/09 06:43am
  • eo: sexy or sleazy? Life Magazine celebrity photos 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @Chozn1 WHHHAAAAAATTT u need a recorder in your pocket or something. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @alveyy : or at least pass it to someone else . hah . 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: It took me an hour to decide between jamba juice or starbucks. I chose jamba :) 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: [Count five or six - Cornelius] : 12345678 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Miggy Tejada is a fun player to watch, roids or not. I hope the Stros keep him around. 'Prospects' arent worth losin what Tejada brings. 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @Jill_C Should I go quality or quantity? More shows or VIP to a show?!!? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: Barely knows what to say or do with himself after what he thought would be a great day just wasn't anything close to expectations... 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @watchdollhouse or possibly 10 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @Bills_scrilla scrilla_gudda ...I was thinkin bout it, @punch_dollar wanna drink or sumthin an chill... @shamoneyscrilla tryna make happn2 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @true_sanctuary the house or the visit? 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: @cistoran No, I don't care if you do it but at least do it over MSN or something so my entire news feed isn't clogged with your flirting 07/07/09 06:43am
  • en: RT @casslavalle blogging: The Life Exotic: Is it just me, or was that the shortest long weekend ever? 07/06/09 09:06pm
  • en: social media is a way to connect to people without physical distractions. Does that mean it is less important or meaningful? 07/06/09 09:06pm
  • en: @BeerMatt_96 or the best option, just don't watch it at all :) 07/06/09 05:06pm
  • en: add together 1, 3 and 5. what's the answer? 9, 10, 136 or 7? took me a few goes. 07/06/09 05:06pm
  • en: Talk about naming a new disease - AHINI! Or A(H1N1) for short! Xp! AHINI!! 07/06/09 05:06pm
  • en: Romenesko: Dan Abrams' launches, pledges not to be "over-snarky or mean and nasty": Washi.. 07/06/09 05:06pm
  • en: Anyone know if Plymouth has a shop specialising in board games? Like #ForbiddenPlanet or #Area51? 07/06/09 05:05pm
  • en: WRWrestling will present UFC 100 next Saturday 9:00PM ET and 3:00AM GMT + you can see UFC 100 using Premium Membership for $5:00 or for free 07/06/09 05:05pm
  • en: Going to give the tip or what i claim to be my room a very much needed tidy. 07/06/09 05:05pm
  • en: Least Common Multiple: In arithmetic and number theory, the least common multiple or lowest common multiple (lcm.. 07/06/09 12:29pm
  • en: @marcammann or the unfollow-"i wanna win something and that's why a tweet a lot of noise" app :) 07/06/09 12:29pm
  • en: @suchducks 500th follower?! yeay! ...i want brownies, or a million dollars. brownies preferred. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @Jyhhuang84 IS This is another IRAN ? Same blocking of news getting out.Same killings same & same reason, FOR FREEDOM.Am I right or wrong ? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @nikc 70% or 85% cocoa chocolate is very dark.. didn't know u could get 99%? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Hadith-Whoever who tries to remove the want of his brother or sister, whether successfully or not, God will forgive their sins. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @tllanes Sounds like gastric reflux, hiatal hernia, or both. (I am not a doc.) 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Just blocked another couple of "dodgy" followers. If you're trying to sell cheap loans (or anything else) - don't bother as I'll block you. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Public Enemies was awesome. Who was the real monster Dillinger or Hoover. Best way to shoot a movie ever! 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: angry too..its like.whether im ard or not doesnt make any difference.and its better im not ard the shop anymore..i really lose respect 4 him 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: RT @only1lucylocket: will i get to 200 followers 1st or 450 updates? Follow @only1lucylocket 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @iTsThanYman Oo word? I thought it comes out like next week or so. . 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: everything is a process you need a plan! if u wanna be the next lil wayne or the manager at wendy's. shit just dont fall in ur lap. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Bl?mchensex: such a funny song. Who wrote it, M?x, Jo or M?x and Jo? I think Jo. But I don't know why. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: RT @macmak: Photos of #MoonwalkSA can be viewed here or here •thanls for this Si• 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @justinspain is that pure #moonfruit juice or concentrated #moonfruit juice? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: One easy step to get $500 gift card for Target™, JCPenney™, Kmart™ or Sears™ - 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: is craving for a burger joint or flame it burger. dili ni maayo. tsk tsk. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @brad_fidler I have no idea if it would be appropriate or not. What would MJ do? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @SharPhoe Any luck? Or is the router holding you down? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @wes_seymoure @wes_seymoure or is it a mynoduesp? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Myspace hates me. My other page got deleted or some shit, wtf. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Howling like roses in the morning. This is the dilemma. Holw or shine, I think both things are the best way to do my job. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: Hadith-He is true who protects his brother or sister both present and absent 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: MANILA -- Smartmatic assures the Senate committee it has a backup plan in case of emergencies or problems 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @lanelala1 try warm milk or counting sheep. 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: For those that have seen me in person, do I look mean or intimidating in any kind of way? 07/06/09 12:28pm
  • en: @hostgator is this based on evidence or the sec list posting and threads recen.. Coupon : webhosting 07/06/09 07:06am
  • en: was the MJ ticket deadline 11pm eastern or 1pm pacific? 07/06/09 07:06am
  • en: is it just me or does Jared look extra ginormous on that bike in this movie? 07/06/09 07:06am
  • en: @chadfu or if you are free some time this week, that works too. are you done with your crazy work schedule? 07/06/09 07:06am
  • en: @masqueradiance Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/06/09 07:06am
  • en: @_mermaiden thanks! I haven't been feeling inspired or creative lately but my poor shop needed something new. I love the sparkle of this! 07/06/09 07:06am
  • en: Cool new place on the SF Bay. Ride your bike here for lunch or brunch. Beer too! 07/06/09 12:55am
  • en: @marshallsheldon Weren't you going to be in a wolf-pelt bikini? Or was that the other way around? (@Falahime) 07/06/09 12:55am
  • en: is it just me or skye on iphone crashes even more after the update? 07/06/09 12:55am
  • en: tired - dunno whether to nap or not 07/06/09 12:55am
  • en: @kjula_hr ok best of luck on that, not sure if we gonna slide through that or not 07/06/09 12:55am
  • en: @_decode_ LOL. I hear you there! I had no idea what 2nd person or 3rd person was. I just kept writing. #writechat 07/06/09 12:55am
  • en: Find me a job or I'll cut you like a block of cheese! Yeah I'm talkin to you Obama! Lol. 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: @KellyDivine For your website, do you make up your own scenes or does someone else do it for you? :) 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: @technolass Probably the fifth or sixth by now. LOL poor poor Bruce! 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: RT @johnhawkinsrwn Whats more important: Being Gov. of Alaska or raising millions getting new GOPers in Congress? I say the latter<> i agree 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: Ok I have an idea every Monday I'm going to review any product that you guys want me 2 or I'll just choose I start tomorow to review :F 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: No wonder the ppl in fair city are broke they spend all their time in pub or food places 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: how about i use it till i get board. should be a day or two then u can get board w/it and we'll blow it up. yay 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: @hangglidded Ahhh... U must have tea & cake with the vicar or you DIE!! 8D Make sure Ed doll is with U, tis good that couples share life! 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: @clicky1948 if u have any question or sth. u think i can help u, just tell! take me as ur friend! taiwan welcomes u. XD 07/06/09 12:23am
  • : see ya Denmark, friends and horses 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: Is it just me, or people are drooping death like flies these days? Not just celebrities, a lot of people I know died recently. WTF? 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: is thinking...Seattle or NY? NY or Seattle.... 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: I haven't had a need or desire to leave this bed today. 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: I feel motivated! And have no idea why or how much less what im motivated for! Lol 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: @sarahjl Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/06/09 12:23am
  • en: @KatGirl44 She didn't tweet about it. She DMed me asking if Jack loved Kate or was IN love with her. And that omg Jacket kiss!!!! @ninirific 07/06/09 12:21am
  • en: it's just so hard to make you clear that all I want back is my Friend! and THAT has nothing to do with LOVE or the word Boy for friend! ??' 07/06/09 12:21am
  • en: getting an electric guitar and 15 watt amp,i forgot wut the guitar is lol $219,my mom said she would,she gettin gain share check or wutever 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: Boston or bust! Beantown, here I come. 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: Roddick choked (or I jinxed him he he) and Federer takes the second set. One set at all. #Wimbledon 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • Well is it iced tea?: Well is it iced tea? 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: It's so nice outside - finally! It's the perfect weather for going to the beach! Or to go shopping. lol. 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: @KrissyKris725 lol yea so u won't b late or tired. 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: @RawrrKelsx yeah truth or dare sooo pick one!lmao 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: SPPF became the PP. Subtle changes in party paltform but old divisions remain. Power struggle or split will occur within the ruling party. 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: @rmedina are you visiting Marco for the day or staying over? 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: Find me on #CrossLoop for #Anywhere remote service www.CrossLoop/WDMARKPC or #Sarasota, #Manatee #Lakewood Ranch at home PC support/training 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: ready or not, here we go. day 1, breck epic. 10 mi. climb up Firecracker's descent... 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: - Bad Economy, no job? or just starting out? Here is a way to make money 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: The social worth papers have claimed is that blogs can't afford to cover or follow stories we need to know about in depth & at length. True 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: @ibitenailz HAHAHAHAH awwww<3 luv u BBYBESTF m/ HUUHUU, U noe me havent went out with u at ALL?! PATHETIC OR AWESOMENESS SIAAAA!!!! (U) 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • : Velvet Fogg 07/05/09 07:34pm
  • en: @Oneandonlycp3 get it together cp.It's really easy.You just say what's up in 140 or less.And go Hornets. 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: 'Koopzondag' today. Plan to go to the 'centrum' but where? Hilversum, amsterdam or utrecht? 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: people say I'm the life of the party cuz I tell a joke or two........ damn I love oldies ;) 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: RT @JON_B_2K9: @xBaRbiEd0LLx it was cool, or in your words crazy >> haha crazy fun!! Super fun!! I got a tan! =) 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: Lunch in Windsor? or cooking at home mmmm lazy or active and green tea whats all that about whay is it so good for you? 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: @VictoriaDoyle noooo! all of them?! did you still wanna go or not? i dont mind. we can always do something next week after school on wed! x 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: Go to note pad or word pad can't remeber the right one,try both 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: @loopyginee i have to or look like an *rse i suppose! 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: Watch Gugun & the blues shelter last night. Thinking the "damage" he can do to beautiful curves: girls or guitars alike. 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • : Put the bloody dog outside!! or go to your room! 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: My eyebags or whatever you call it is beating/throbing(whatev)...weirdddd.... 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: @SirMikeyB haha, you should read ranger's apprentice. and/or don't call me ishmael 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: disco drumming is the hardest drumming, to do. way more difficult than jazz or whatever 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: i cant tell if im breaking down or not. 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: waking up or going back 2 bed....decision, decisions, lol!! 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: @Annabel_D_Jones hey, th interview you heard right? was it like a advertisement? or? 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: @Montana303 so, u going to cage or what??? 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: Is it me or is it gna rain2day?hmmmm 07/05/09 02:43pm
  • en: @FakerParis who r u talking about? And what rumours r they spreading? Dm or MSn if u don't want to spread. 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: First #Moonfruit a Mac a day now #FreeBikinis 20 listed as won today @FreeBikinis just ReTweet or Tweet it Girls 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: Just wanted to send out a very Happy 4th of July!!! Have fun bbq-ing or however you spend your day and have a safe and wonderful 4th! 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: @Haylz_Lou oh yeah? what tv is that...i stay up late watching episode after episode of shows, i get hooked on too many! Sad or what? 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: @Princess_mo don't worry, i'll be there in about an hour or so 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: @TammyTeee just do what I did & shut the gate have way. Or in your case lock the doors. 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: but do u? and do I? know exactly why we are acting like this... our insecurities dragging us along by a leash, or maybe a noose. 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: Why every bad lookin gril got a kid or a man!?? I have the worst luck!!!!!!! 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: Anyone leaving #toorcamp for Seattle tomorrow (Sun) morning or even tonight? I need a ride and can Paypal my share of fuel expenses. 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: @heatherduh haha. or all the drunks and fat asses got to them before I did. 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: Lets see: changed a tire and still havent eaten or drank yet. Next simi valley. Boo! 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: Don't know man some screws not installed right upstairs or somethin 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: If you could choose where to live out of these 5 place, what would you choose: Nyc, Berlin, Belfast, London or Brimingham England ? 07/05/09 05:49am
  • en: @jonaswaever it's either the Something Awful forum or someone alone in a shed with a typewriter and strange ideas about politics. 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: do you meet geeks in a town with no LJ group or craigslist listing? 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: cant sleeeep now i guess ill stay tiill like 9 or 10 -_- 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: Woke up too early. What should I do now? Go back to sleep? Or start enjoying my day? 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: Trying 2 decide if we want 2 go 2 our normal spot 2 view fireworks this yr or do something else. 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: @MnM_92 That sounds fun Rashee! or wait what would your nickname be? Rash? Sheeda? 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: Gee! Last time I looked I did not turn into a horse or a cow! Manditory vacinations? For Us? -Now really! 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: @DaKreek I'm goin to Jitzos tonite....then mayb tha wedge....or tha wedge then Jitzos iono! Lol 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: [email protected]✝ Daily Word ✝for Sat 7/04/2009 "Are You Ready for a Makeover?"-Find out how? Leave feedback or comments- htt 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: RT @RickeyJACKets Why every girl on hair bliiboard ads in ATL look like or channels Ciara ? (Its the decatur look) 07/05/09 05:40am
  • en: @dahowlett You don't ever get the sensation that you might want to give more of yourself to a cause or situation? Bollocks don't enter... 07/05/09 05:40am

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I love Fire Island . I`ve been coming to stay for a few days the past couple of years . The first year I came out in fem for the first time . I felt extremely nervous yet comfortable enough to know I was not going to be harmed . I had the very best time of my life . The second year the same experience even better . I saw Drag Shows by talented people that have entertained and brought my sensual senses to new heights .
Your article is right on the money .

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