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Waking up at the Grove Hotel

  It’s obviously daylight and from the looks of the sun streaming through the cracks in the blinds and the shrieks of a drag queen outside there is a strong possibility it’s past noon. There is a shooting pain between my eyes and my mouth is as dry as the Sahara. I’m sure this is only from the [...]

Fire Island Friends!

Fire Island Friends!


It’s obviously daylight and from the looks of the sun streaming through the cracks in the blinds and the shrieks of a drag queen outside there is a strong possibility it’s past noon. There is a shooting pain between my eyes and my mouth is as dry as the Sahara. I’m sure this is only from the lack of Starbucks coffee and has nothing to do with the four Kettle One dry martinis- at last count- that I consumed last night at the Ice Palace. It’s also possible that I am in my own house in the Pines but I’m not sure I would have ever bought this striped comforter, however, I do have a greater problem than the orange in this comforter or the sharp piercing between my ears, and that is a hairy arm that is draped across my chest. On further inspection this arm belongs to a dark haired guy lying on his side, sound asleep and whose name completely escapes me. Gingerly, because I’m not sure where my head is going with this one, I remove the arm and sit up in bed. The room looks like backstage at a drag show. Jeans are tumbled in a heap on the floor, a sneaker is in the bathroom, a pair of 2Xist briefs are beside the door and a Tshirt is on the nightstand. Last night begins to come back in quick flashes but not in any logical order. A Strawberry Margaritta at Cherry’s, singing Tammy Wynnette with Porshce at the Ice Palace, making out with someone at the beach. As I sip from a half filled water bottle on the night stand I know that it is not always going to be these one night stands with perfect strangers and eventually I’ll end up in the nuptials Style Section of the New York Times with some handsome beau. And who knows,  this dark haired stranger curled up at my side just might be the one in that photo- or at least through brunch!

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  • en: life isn’t always about how or what u gather but what u scatter. It tells the kind of person u are 07/10/09 05:52am
  • en: @SalioElSol08 OR JUSTiN TV ONE OF THEM..l0l..... 07/10/09 05:52am
  • en: to tell me that im not ugly or to skinny or fat......that im beautiful in my own special way :):):):):):):):) thank you sooo much Demi :)!!! 07/10/09 05:52am
  • en: Why cant stores carry ball caps from teams other than Detroit (namely Toronto or Montreal, freaking expos)... My hats need diversity! 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Now Sperm through Science | Singularity or bust | Iron womb is next. #twitterhaiku 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @SplitSecMusic David me? or a different David? 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Is the entire city a cranky SOB today? Or is it just me and everyone working around me and everyone i bumped into on the street and and.. ? 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @bunnyman OMG WTF Thought we were friends, oh wait or was that mortal enemies! I lovers u 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: No. They live in dreamland. RT @KING_ADEPOJU: Can u really self proclaim urself mr. or ms. gucci or any other brand if u own none of the ... 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: follow @mitchelmusso if youre cool, or even if youre not. just follow him. @mitchelmusso 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Another lesson: If your rent is 1400...don't think you'll be ok with 1395 in the bank or 1399.99 for that matter#overdraftprotection 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @ibanesve I checked the site out lastnight, it's pretty cool. Any info you need from me, such as shows or artist info just let me know. 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Food as in Politics Texas influence is seen all over the US of A and the world.hate it or love it there is no denying it . 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @TheFreshDiaries say "hi" to leon county for me, and don't forget to take one or two for the team ;) 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @MissMillions yes it does or tiny the tiger grrrrrrrrustle lmfaooo 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: RT @ZipLocK87: RT @rainman5: My twiggas wat betta luv making or quickies... [It depends on the] {I co-sign that Zip} 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: I get confused between all the Transporter movies.. how do you tell the dif btwn 1,2, or 3? 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: says It's hot. I'm not having a good physical day (back and legs aren't cooperating...or playing nicely with ... 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Mr solanio said that it would be impossable. Be also told me I shoud wagged make it up next year or call palmar. He said that becaus ri ... 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Does anyone know if MN FFE is meeting at Starbucks or anything? That would be fun. 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: Suggest an uncommon behavior by yourself or another or suggest an uncommon philosophical idea. 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: A ? 4 my #violin peeps -- better value to (A) get higher quality strings or (B) save up to get higher quality instrument?Thinking A but.... 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @cloudberryman IMO it feels like you (or owner of info) is using scare tactics to sell webinar. "HUGE SECURITY HOLE" info should be free. 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: @supaSAV916er LOL. Of course not cuz they phone r either still bein updated or frozen so they can't twit help ya lol 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: i like to go to new york i so happy for that or los angeles i dont now 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: to start a family or to have a house for a home.... mmmmm 07/09/09 12:43am
  • en: The reality of life is that your perceptions -- right or wrong -- influence everything else you do. When you ... 07/08/09 08:49pm
  • en: RT @skiwildcat: Wish or randomly scream today at 12:34:56 07/08/09 because the chance to do so won't happen again for another 1000 years! 07/08/09 08:49pm
  • en: Pls follow @jeff_p #wednesdaywhining (just kidding honey. Ly!) He's pretty funny &/or corny... Entertaining nonetheless! :D 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: @iankoski If The Atom loses... or if he wins... could explode due 2 white dwarf star matter. GET THE FACTS 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: #uknourabird if u ever piped or topped in the staircase 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: Published a blog post: "A Big Problem About Toilet Training Cat, Or Is It?" 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: breakfast then shower, or either way around (: 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: Work out now or later, that is the question...ah screw it breakfast sounds good. 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: @Quadpawd it's all that dust❁❁❁. Maybe do NOT share or shake the poppies. You in AF? MOL. ciao and meow ~*CM 07/08/09 08:48pm
  • en: @LoveKellanLutz haha thanks for the warning. . . at least it isnt on itunes or i would have to put it on my ipod!!! 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: @TheReal_KDubb you single or married? 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: @susannepaschke Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: Believe it or not, watching a nova special on fractal geometry and mandelbrot sets. @davidman would be proud 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: @mbruce_ i wanna express the way i feel buy im scared. either i wait for him to call or leave it on his voicemail idk thats the delimma 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: Question TwiTTerVille: Have or would you play strip poker? 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: #turnon a female who is musically inclined. Sings or plays an instrument. Thats better then food 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: this wine must be broken, or something... 07/08/09 08:32am
  • en: @chrisilluminati they must learn. love yourself first, or you'll never love anybody else. 07/08/09 08:31am
  • en: @mrgenius23 which one... jay z or no jay z 07/08/09 08:31am
  • en: @jellyradio you got like a playlist or something? this june (joon?) joint playing now is dope (via @dotquan) 07/08/09 08:31am
  • en: @LaFemmedelamode u kno im all abt the love thing.tryna be the best man i kan be! tryna achieve 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.or get as close as poss 07/08/09 08:31am
  • en: @iamdiddy me too! Chewy kind or the regular kind? 07/08/09 08:31am
  • en: Cheap & fast divorce in 2 wks for only $395. Contested, Uncontested, Annulments. No Lawyers or Court. 07/08/09 08:31am
  • en: @supernavin what bout dinnunchast? huh?? lol thats what i say!! talked to ken,waiting on 2 more songs n will come wed or thurs...PEACE :)) 07/07/09 11:43am
  • en: to eat or not to eat? 07/07/09 11:43am
  • en: #nothingpersonal im about to write some angry text messages...niggas dont know how to act or treat a young lady nowadays 07/07/09 11:43am
  • en: @tyboe is that the same night as the cudi show? or is it the cudi show? 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: #thingsthatfelloff AIM....I'd rather u text or BBM me. Or better yet if all u have is my aim we prolly not cool like that 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: is it me being weird... or does anyone else talk to appliances when they don't work? 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: RT: @robertashley I Come to Shanghai [psychedelic pop music] is now available in name-your-price MP3 or CD: 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: Ya so excited i don't work today or tomorrow!! :) 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: by plane, train or automobile I'm headed down to help her through this *sigh* 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: call now to book your wedding consultation. fall weddings booking fast. OR 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: Do you know what the term "troll" means vis-a-vis online interaction? Trying to decide whether or not to use it in a survey question. 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: #musicmonday "Tootsie rolle" either by luke or sir mix alot or 69 boyz shit i dont kno 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: @richardlouis Front or back? :) 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: twitterfon or itwitter...trying to decide which would suit me better. i do dig the landscape texting with itwitter! bomb! 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: @florence75015 Ooo he better come to Ireland and it better be before or after the summer coz I won't be in Ireland... 07/07/09 01:47am
  • en: I am getting Patrick's homework printed and submitted. 7 hours yesterday, only 2 pages - that's a lot of time on MSN or Facebook I guess. 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: @marjut I answered in Jaiku :D Noticed your comment in Twitter, starting to be too complicated to have a good conversation - or what? :D 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: #Ebuyer139176 is so senseless :D is today saturday or sunday? :D:D 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: @cthagod can we listen in ny or online 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: @emmy_doo_dah That first leap requires either blind courage or desire that overwhelms any nervousness. Otherwise just admire from afar. Lol. 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: decide if you wanna help or not. think about it. would you help someone out of the kindness of your heart or r you thinkin of the benefits 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: ICTIP001: Getting Content For Your Blog Or Website With PLR Articles | How ...: Getting content for you.. 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: ... and (NOT responsible for the Flash sh*t or webdesign, just XHTML/CCS,integration & CMS). turn down your s ... 07/06/09 02:40pm
  • en: Full moon out. Is that good or bad? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: - Create, visualize, or sense a circle around your self. Call that which is within the circle No-Form. Call that which ... 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: i love friends like him..they come around when u need that smile 2 start ur day or end ur night great! 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @aka55 hmm... either/or? thinking of a top 10 annoying twitterers story... btw, #MileyIsPregnant?? how bout annoying trending topics 2, hah 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: I have 6 wisdom teeth. Anyone know anyone else with the same condition or am I shark in a man's body? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: yo HoneyBussum!!! Can you wright in a German and or Italian accent? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @SharmaTushar Animax community is online don't know its permanent or what but its online, you can only use it if you are already registered 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: lunch time and it's raining - do i walk or do i stay inside? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • nl: @HappiForever of #moonfruit, or buffalo? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @paigepresley Hour and fifteen? Did you hit the Bell Rd. area closure or was it supposed to take that long? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @ChrissyJeano I'm not sure whether you're being serious or not. . . 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @acatinatree would love to but unfortunately i'm pretty much out of action for at least the next month or so... busy busy :( you 3 have fun! 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: New blog post's on my myspace page check em out @ or go to my website :) 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Denim short pants with zipper? Hmm or mini skirt 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Sees someone sweeping the street on shattuck ave. Paid or volunteer? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Hannah Montana is pregnant ey? No surprise to me, it was gonna happen sooner or later.. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: "for some reason, hardcore truth or dare was never as much fun whenever we tried it in real life." HUNKA CHUNKA PB FUDGE. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @chefjeff or are you playing the role of Buwheat and calling me Alfalfa? I'm really tired, shouldn't twitter while tired. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Your Career Is Your BUSINESS: Be creative in finding a job or ... 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: im gonna be famous, i dont know when or how, but believe me i will 07/06/09 09:11am
  • pl: Jessie or Jake... Jessie or Jake...??? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @johnd79 Seriously, if somebody does a Credit Check before they sleep with you, they're a gold digger. Massive Gold Digger. Or else scrooge 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @bones_hunt Is the wine post on jenthinks for the second clue or still part of the first one? The labels are different. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @davidstuart I'm a bit of a martini connoisseur, so to speak. Or maybe just a vodka connoisseur... or both. Yep. Both :) 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: We were talking about going to the Gold Coast in the hols and Steph says "we can stay at Nanny Phil's! Or is she dead??" 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @triplesix_ Haha were you having a party or something? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: "the French 4-5 rule: invest in 4 or 5 good, wearable, lasting pieces per season" -- sounds good! 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @filarea nah I mean my 707 buds don't got it. Or at least I think they don't. Dude yer like the only 415 bud I kept haha. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @legmar Or even: Numbers 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 17, 18 and 20 might speak a different story. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: You owe it to yourself and your family to take a look, it may or may not be for you click here 07/06/09 09:11am
  • nl: U got it? Or wutever u [email protected] 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: The ELITES control the media- they want us to be stupid fucking gang bangers and end up stuck in prison or dead. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Either the gps got it wrong or the car can float! 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: oh my gosh...why does love happen to me on the last day of camp? thanks Chris or Kris...come late to me! :[ 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Doritos you cant eat just 15 or 20 ha 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @KevinHart4real happy birthday!!! You need to work on comin to Memphis, TN to do a show!! Or to MS but TN closer to me! I wanna see u LIVE 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @josephmedwards that movie looked awesome. i saw previews for it & then it disappeared. have u seen it or did u just buy on a whim? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @Newsweek Sara Palin is either launching a presidential fact finding group or her lies have caught up with her. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @iamdiddy how do us regular people get invited to one of your events? Maybe a fashion show or something??? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @DameElizabeth Dare i ask? i wonder has life been good for u? or has it secluded u from so much? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @Umatter2ChtrR yeah I did. And now they took away the only ATM near me. Now I can pay 2.50 or drive to the next city. Bout to end this. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @daRaSims I ate earlier after I got outta work... I woke up from a nap & bounced. Forgetting to eat later. I'll hit fast food or eat @ home! 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @Health_Junkie is it healthy to just eat fruits and vegtables for 2 weeks, or do I need meat for protein. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Thank you. Really. Effort appreciated. Or you could just fucking press delete. Tis the same as hurting me, really. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @jessifresh ugh sorry girl. If u need to talk I'll be up :) u can rant away hahaha...or play bejeweled ;) 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @Neilochka SO funny, yes I think that is a great idea. Or like, an option to see who is online but not tweeting. Like facebook chat. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Just finished my creative writing piece. I"To Prey or Pray" Thanks for proofing it Shirley your the greatest. I'm glad your my friend 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: When I read about people who drive "aimlessly" or "with no destination" in books the first think I think is "what a waste of 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Anyone on aim or iChat? invisiblesparks. I am le bored 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Which is worse: tripping leaving the laundry room, or being so normally clumsy I didn't notice I was bleeding until the droplets fell? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: or make that the 3rd.. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Places in chennai are tongue twisters. Most of the places start with T or end with I 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Fuck meright. im not 3 credits away from a degree or anything 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @Musebrarian Are you in walled garden ask if you are a tech or Customer? That is usually a billing issue 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: I think Joel Schumacher was inspired by "Batdance" & campaigned to take over the series once Tim Burton left. Or not. It'd explain a lot 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: should i or should i not? hmmm 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @SadiquaP Yes... happens alot. Watch G or PG movie with the kids & the commercials are a strong R-rating type. 1 swear word after another 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: is it me, or do many baseball players claim their bought a substance at GNC after getting banned for 50 games? 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: You are the architects of your own lesson or live, and therefore you always have the answer to the lessons within Yourselves. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Might watch Bride Wars or New in Town or Leagally Blonde...Not sure wich one yet 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @DJ_fahunter2 you keep saying "in me" do you mean drank? or am I so 90's 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: I really hope I get a call from a job tomorrow or else it's back to painting fences for me. 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: Expecting success,or bringing your "A" game everyday!..........You may not hit a homerun run everytime, but expect to! 07/06/09 09:11am
  • en: @Megones Lol. He's not singin 2 yhu. LMFAO! but ya'll will neva b togetha Da same way yhu said me and beyonce or me and @kylapratt wont. Lol 07/06/09 09:07am
  • en: @BadNewsBrandon we'll eventually get him drinking some kind of beer, hopefully bid light or corona :) 07/06/09 09:07am
  • en: @meglovesthepens Oh yeah, bcuz its not massive cool or anything. lol the My Wish stuff on Sportscenter is so sad, but happy at the same time 07/06/09 09:07am
  • en: Believe it or not, I love those ESPN / My Wish puff pieces. They're soft as hell, but they're so awesome. 07/06/09 09:07am
  • en: No #American of courage and conviction will fail to resist what he or she opposes. - Washington Times editorial, 11 Sept 2002 07/06/09 09:07am
  • no: 2 GB Ram cPanel/WHM Linux VPS or Windows VPS at $35/mo - 07/06/09 09:07am
  • en: i don't know how to feel right now. i feel extremely numb. i can't cry or anything. the feeling is there but nothing comes out. 07/06/09 09:07am
  • no: 2 GB Ram cPanel/WHM Linux VPS or Windows VPS at $35/mo - 07/06/09 09:07am
  • en: @AthenaFatale "Hey, baby, wassup?" sounds better than "Pardon me, Miss, do you have any Grey Poupon?" or "Good day, madam/mis 07/06/09 09:06am
  • en: @beeoasis Get 300 followers a day using Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip :) 07/06/09 02:22am
  • en: getting ready or God be ALL the GLORY!!!!! 07/05/09 07:23pm
  • en: Picking out fabric with Elena today to get her started on a summer sewing project or two. Also have to finish my own baby shower projects. 07/05/09 07:23pm
  • en: For high comedy - whether high or not - do partake of @BakeMyFish @EightBitsShort @kolchak @mikemorrow @UCMike and @ErsatzMoe 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: Hmmm wht or blk 32gb? 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: @gangstagreen i dont rap or sing or nuffin like that but i am into music 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: @habzm on that what2 learn fingy im tryna get mre points soo i culd put sme cool clothes on my micon or wteva u call it 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: Which one rambled more, Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford? 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: @Beat419 ;) too cute ... no walks, play times, cuddles? yell at her "go golden go!" over n over n chase her ... or get down and bark and 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: okay so im thinkn of doin my hair dark brown or jus get highlights how could it be that i want both ?? why am i in decisive ugh.... 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: Megan Fox or Michael Bay: Wholl Return for Transformers 3?: It’s already been set in stone by Paramount St.. 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: Michael Owen to United? They must be desperate coz they couldn't get Benzima or Villa. 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: @maixiam Do you not have your phone or something? 07/04/09 02:37am
  • en: I need a new logo or wordmark. Anyone have suggestions on who I should check out to get one? 07/04/09 02:37am

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