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The sun shines hot on Queens Pride!

    It’s Sunday afternoon in Jackson Heights and it is Queens Pride! It’s a beautiful beach day on Fire Island but who can resist the hot Latino guys and girls that attend this festival! So, feeling adventurous three friends and I donned our tank tops, designer shades and ever so cool hats and made [...]



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Fans of the E Train

It’s Sunday afternoon in Jackson Heights and it is Queens Pride! It’s a beautiful beach day on Fire Island but who can resist the hot Latino guys and girls that attend this festival! So, feeling adventurous three friends and I donned our tank tops, designer shades and ever so cool hats and made the trip out from the city on the 7 train. No sooner than we exited the elevated train did we find ourselves completely in the thick of the Pride Street Festival. I was completely smitten by a group of shirtless, tattooed Latino muscle guys rubbing each other with sun block while one friend found himself completely transfixed by the Virgin Mary wrist watches. Pulling ourselves together we realized we were in serious need of alcohol so we headed off to the bar Atlantis where other friends were already two deep in frozen Margaritas and watching drag queens salsa on the dance floor. After some cold refreshment it was time to move the party to a happening rooftop. Imagine our delight upon landing here and finding a few hundred of the most diverse gays and lesbians ever to come together drinking cold Corona’s and eating Hot Dogs off the grill. This was not the fussy green Astroturf roofs of Manhattan. No, this roof top was black tar paper with grill smoke billowing, the sun shining hot above and even hotter shirtless guys standing below. After gathering our senses and focusing through the Margarita haze it appeared that every nationality, race, age and gender was represented. The Asian guys were smoking and holding steadily in the shade of the building next door, the African American guys standing in full sun seemed to be either shirtless or in muscle tank tops and gazing coolly through Ray Bans, the bears with full beards and bellies were keeping the beer iced and flowing, the twenty something twinks in Prada sunglasses and tight short shorts were hovering near the fierce Asian DJ while the cute young Latino lesbians decked out in Pride Tie Dye shirts danced Meringue. As I watched this celebration far from the many over produced circuit parties and bar theme nights I’ve attended in the past 10 years I was overcome with a sense of simple joy and pride for the Gay & Lesbian Heritage that brings us all together this month!

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  • en: @tori_amos_sux seriously. take pictures or video if you do lol 07/10/09 10:37am
  • en: @jenp2 ahem xcuse me but your tweet did not specify or give any clue whether this meeting was in the past or future. 07/10/09 10:37am
  • en: @tiggymooshoo nahhhh I don't think she got it from your family..she didn't have much to do with Ivy or lily.NOT your fault.ok??? 07/10/09 10:37am
  • en: 10. Have u ever been scared of the dick or puss? Be honest! 07/10/09 10:37am
  • en: @AEViAN I know that feeling. I do think about that sometimes when I'm on a sucker or any type of lollipop, then my mind gets out the gutter 07/10/09 10:37am
  • : 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: "What do I look like, a law'r or sumtin?" Watchin Fade to Black. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @tummygrrl aaaw, i c i c. so R u thinking of a small study session with JJH? or more like a public lecture kinda thing? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Tyrese4ReaL at 2 being wit daddy is the world .. you can have daddy daughter day hit the zoo or the aquarium some cake and some dolls 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Can you affect a person's emotions with an interactive piece as powerfully as you can with film or print? Discuss. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: I'm with @sambamimi - or at least I was an hour ago... 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: anybody hit me up or goin 2 sleep 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @chrisbosh A Pistons hater. Or a Raptors fan! Either one. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Tyrese4ReaL American Girl at the grove with 4-5 friends. They get to eat and get a doll or something. They have tea parties 2! 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” (Denis Waitle 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Watching RoyalPains instead of packing for the weekend or sleeping... 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @JohnLloydTaylor Are you addicted to twitter or random-or both? It doesn't matter anyway cause no matter what you are a cool dude! 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @tumbledown HBO or Showtime does an uncensored viewing of it for hours at a time. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Mystery phrase is SCI--OR GRIP. Clue: bear hug. wrestling hold 07/10/09 10:23am
  • nl: Lost or drunk? Help 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @kingsully not sure if you've seen this or not, but here's a tribute I wrote for Billy: #BillyMaysTribute 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: RT @QueenSweetness #TAD would anybody do a sexual favor for a police officer to get out of arrest &/or a ticket?(depends on charge) 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Tyrese4ReaL cant go wrong with Hannah Montana or Dora for your Shayla 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: just finished watching Cast Away...Did Tom Hanks really lost that much weight or is that just a really good make-up artist? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @nathanhamm RT Got ~10 watermelons....Mmmmm in the hot hot desert watermelons are the cats meow...or the frogs ribbit...tasty nonetheless :) 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @colekessler hahahaa why not??? is she that ugly?? or you're thinkin' that she's a boy?? haha 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: "joe do you like spiders?"-dad "occasionally, you know, i wouldnt go hangout with one or anything.."-joe hahaa that gave me a ment 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: dude, you would right. her shoes.. or the $$$ that i need? hmmm.. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Movie Marathon or Projects/Tutorial Marathon? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: need some help. ordering pizza during sex? or tattoos? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: #notagoodlook if u don't wash ur cooch or dick and try to spray pefume or don't work like that boo! 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @giladbu hey let me know if you have any questions or feedback about tweetbeat! 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Looking at Telcel's iPhone related plans. None of them seem "right". Either they are more than what I need or they just don't cut it. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @girishmallya why have you done away with sugar? I can't have my tea or coffee without it. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @lilyofspades I think they were casually milling around and an orgy broke out, or at least tried 07/10/09 10:23am
  • : -RckStr 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: theres nomore privacy in facebook.should i delete my facebook account or what ? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Me personly wish they would bring polesi up on ethic charges or anyone involved in that letter being released along with the 6 Dems (cont… 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Is being broke less bad because California does it, too, or more? Could go either way, dude. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Lamorneisfunny oh I was saying message me or DM me here your number. I got new digits 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: ready to hit the "hay", or bed 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @thinktankmedia Collingwood or Dogs? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @MissNoieCyrus are you 8 or 9? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: God Bless everyone, good or bad, especially the babies and childrens 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @JohnnyBravvo hi john....ur postings either make me smirk or outright smile...keep it up and yes, I am for and and as far as following.. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: blah... cant share my real thoughts or i wouldnt have friends anymore 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @rosalind_sue actually roz, according to this guy you guys might not even be the same species (or "ethnics"). 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Tyrese4ReaL throw her a lil princess party or whatever she likes..then buy stuff that goes with the theme so she ca nplay like a princess 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @NASA I wanna come watch the launch on November 12th. Will the date change? Or safe to book my trip and hotel now?? Thx! 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Dickerson9000 i started drinking again. and now i cant quit. but i only drink once or twice a week. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @miamoretti There isn't a button for it or anything. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Dickerson9000 i started drinking again. and now i cant quit. but i only drink once or twice a week. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: "I believe two people are connected at the heart. And it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are, or..." 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @HottttMess How are you????? Have you been watching the live feeds or Showtime? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @Tyrese4ReaL Who's her favorite cartoon?! Or whatever she likes turn it into a theme. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: #unacceptable that ur mother named u some ghetto shit like "Shaquita" or my personal favorite "Moneefa" 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @KingLionheart haha, same here. I stay up til 2 or 3 tweeting...every single night! 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: #youcantellurfly when u walk down the street on ur worse days n stop about 10 or more cars 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: purple or pink @souljaboytellem (Soulja Boy live > 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: The Caribbean Cement dilemma 2 - to manufacture or not - Jamaica Observer 07/10/09 10:23am
  • eo: @xieatxpaper so favorite song mj song or song in general? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @jonaskevin just something like jonaskevinupdates or something like were doing a good job before!.why stop? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @LeviLeipheimer. Great, the only thing is you cant get audio of interviews at the beginning or end of the race. other than that no prob. LS 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: #unacceptable if you still stand on line for WIC OR WELFARE what is you doing with ya life??? 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: @RebelCountryGal Ithe LAPD Chief said Jackson died as a result of a Homicide or an Drug Overdose! His Doctor will be charged. 07/10/09 10:23am
  • en: Finding bugs with jQuery's animate and custom animations and/or any units other than px. Gonna be a long bug report I'm afraid. 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: @CozD24 Like, in a relationship? or baseball? 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: @kelliealison it's only rape if it's two fingers or more 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: Meijer - Free shipping on orders of $75 or more with a Mastercard. 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: @brunobarreto22 I realize now that you're probably @nickjonas or @jonaskevin.... 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: @sneakersNPumps uu cant have him , its either me or him , gotta pick !! 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: @IFightDragons happy birthday, cha, cha, you remember how it goes, laura? or do you remember happy dirdleday to you? 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: RT #neda #Iran_Translator Green Brief #23 is out: or #iranelection 07/10/09 10:17am
  • en: @p_jayadeep Even small shops R changing as they glaze themselves w/ glass panels. No aircon or ventilation . I wonder how ppl sit & work 07/10/09 10:16am
  • en: Event 1119 or 1869.. Please.. Haha.. ): Going to get Jack in the Box. 07/10/09 10:16am
  • en: who would you adopt webster or arnold 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: I can't remember them all for sure but I use a standard variation.. depending on how many letters or numbers are required 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: everyone follow my homie @Fuck_Bee he's a cool ass dude n we go hard out here n vegas!! and i owe him a dinner or something!! lmao 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @wordforteens ha ha, your tweets either make me laugh, or smile. They are very creative ha ha. 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: Brad Penny hasn't pitched as many as 7 innings in 17 starts, but has allowed 3 runs or less in 9 of last 10. Definition of No. 4 starter. 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: Next time I suggest visiting Bolivia -- maybe we should try to go there or something? I mean, if you want. #1stdraftmovielines 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @Tangimausia hahaha! You still working or just listening to the show? Asian polynesian?! 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @TheRealJennifer did you have the baby (boy or girl) 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @teebriann @kushd camping ? ummm didn't know blk people or the Smittys camped but good luck. 07/10/09 09:02am
  • nl: @heygingersnap are you looking for sweet or bitter? 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @HeatherSho47960. Unfollow me or I'm going to report you! I've ask you twice now! 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @captain_erika Hey, before we start, is Riley OK? He seemed kinda....down. Or was it just the booze? 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @DMID is this true? I mean he is no democrat but movement has to be given a face or so the protesters. 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: i laugh wen i talk 2 1 of my male friends on aim & all of a sudden they girl or wifey start talkin 2 me like they him SIT UR ASS DOWN GIRL 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: My giant shoulders stop me from being able to buy nice clothes. Everything fits like a parachute or a muscle.shirt. Any recommendations? 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: When you feel sad or mad do not let the feeling win you will only let the enemy win! 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @luiexcore seriously we do or maybe I should buy it. (: 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @IHEARTMIKO Ass Injections? Why, do you have a big or round Ass? 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @karenbowness either i'm NUTS or that looks almost EXACTLY like you... 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: I need a cool phone so I can update from Twitterbeery or tweetie. Just folding laundry and watching HGTV. 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: Make it count! There is no pause or rewind. You only have one chance. The only wrong decision it the one that is not made. 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @seaepps aww but everytime we talk ur sick or on some oder shyt! HOPE U FEEL BTTR . pfSh some betch lol U already knw! 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @NycChrisx62 OMFG ! SAMEEEE. i might go there this year or junior year ! 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: "do you want anything dampened or made soggy?" 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: If I don't know a person, they shouldn't call me "love" or "baby". 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: @AARONCARTER7 am i safe?? or am i just one of the ones who have to STFU?? =/ 07/10/09 09:02am
  • en: FOLLOW TILA NOW MOTHER FUCKERS, or I'll chop your pee pee's off, and shove shit up your vaginas. @officialTila #officialTila 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @serenajwilliams Hmmm. to live or just 90 seconds? Probably hug someone close to me either way-you? 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: Purchase decision of the jobless: deep fried pie, or nice pants for the wedding i'm attending this wkend? Hmm... 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @thalovebug Uh oh, I'm a WASP (white anglo saxon protestant). Or do you mean all lower-case wasp? 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: FREEZING THE S**** in class. I think its seriously 15 degress or smth! 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @SookieBonTemps @EricNorthman *Shrug* These Vannquins are really in love. Or in love with @Ericsplenty. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @ConservativeGal or that Letterman being allowed to make any joke at all should be reason for firing #tcot #sgp 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @csquare6 staff wouldn't let the paramedics into the property. Or so the report goes. If so...GRRRRR..... 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: lmao. the chirstian follow gods will. the christians follow me on twitter. does that make me god? or jesus? 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @cjthomason Gummy worms? Okay not scary or all that gross. But they're damn tasty. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @kkfla737 Give Ricardo Phillips an Oscar. (or at least MVP of the game) 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @Arnold215 or u can add me on facebk if u have 1 nd ill send u the invite 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @kylelauren equal is SO WEIRD. it tastes like grandmas house or something. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: Signed up and created this profile for you to follow my tweets. What are you waiting for? Click the follow button or go on to the next one. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: is thinking she needs to start taking yoga, or a valium 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: can i just call and say joo should stay, or at least come back.....not enough time to process 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: Ok. I am PMS'ing or pre-pms'ing or pms'ing the sequel...Whatever. I want a pizza the site of California right now. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: @micheleboyd cause you were "distracted" by your last scene. and/or you're not following me? see ya tomorrow!!! rest up. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: oh i m on ep 3 now, still kinda dont get it. i m not sure if like it or not 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: I really don't know how to spell or talk anymore. So I'll stop 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: Or introduce to @ilul RT @SaRskYLiCiouS: OMG, mas2 behind me (the guy in my division) is listening to Celine Dion - The Power of Love. 07/10/09 08:57am
  • en: RT @massajohn: If it feels like 1835, 1992 or 1998, don`t fret about it they all share the same calendar with 2009 07/10/09 08:56am
  • en: @thisispaige look I am not here for confrontation or to start drama, its kind of hurtful to make an assumption, because everyone is diferent 07/10/09 08:56am
  • en: his fat ass cant get nuttin from a bitch unless she a hoe or rachet thats a given smh get a life better yet fuckk ur pointless ass life!! 07/10/09 08:56am
  • en: really didn't want to buy anything for the shower or even go. but it is for the baby. 07/10/09 05:53am
  • en: Check out The Buzz in 7 or so minutes: @Cirina 07/10/09 05:53am
  • en: @morganpressel I'm a college golfer and I was just curious as to your mind set heading into a tournament, go low or take what you get? 07/10/09 05:53am
  • en: watchin tv, or lack there of 07/02/09 07:22pm
  • en: @breezeeny That's the same thing I had to do this week, man. One can only dload so much before spyware or a virus slips through the cracks. 07/02/09 07:22pm
  • en: ready to kill one of my coworkers...or all of them 07/02/09 07:22pm
  • en: Oil ($USO) down hard. We talked about the reversal in oil prices the last few days. Today's drop was happening with or without jobs report. 07/02/09 07:22pm
  • en: the HTML5 DTD: <!DOCTYPE HTML>and <!DOCTYPE HTML SYSTEM "about:legacy-compat"> or <!DOCTYPE HTML SYSTEM 'about:legacy-compat' 07/02/09 03:55pm
  • en: - Trouble with him or her...? 07/02/09 03:55pm
  • en: RT @missyisnikkilee: Ok, I'm not sharing all my thoughts...some of them aren't PG or even PG-13. Sheesh. ~Why should that stop you? 07/02/09 03:55pm
  • en: and like Lena and many more were killed or killed themselves!! im not feelin the white descendants of those fuckers right now!! 07/02/09 03:55pm

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